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How Having an App can Improve Your SMEs Performance


In order to be a successful business owner, you must always respond to the needs of the market. With this in mind, what you should know about your target audience, is that in 2016, they spend most of the time on mobile devices. Sure, optimizing your website for mobile is great, but it is usually even better to develop an app. The reason behind this is quite simple- apps are practical, simple to use and last, but not the least important, having them usually results in a great ROI. Here are some more reasons why your small business needs and app.

Always There

First of all, there is an interesting statistic that an average American, spends even up to 162 minutes a day on their smartphone. Regardless if we speak about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or games, 86 percent of this time is spent on applications. Unfortunately, your website is not something that they use every day their lack of visitations might be caused by simple forgetfulness. Still, by having your app icon constantly in front of them (well, at least for two and a half hours a day) they are more likely to click on it and see what’s new. Furthermore, most apps send notifications to the users, which is yet another wake-up call for your most loyal of visitors.

Emulate the Top-Dogs

If you still have your doubts about whether or not you really need that app, just look at what all the major corporations are doing at the moment. It is no secret that Facebook is not doing that great in the last couple of years (at least compared their best year) which is why Zuckerberg purchased WhatsApp for incredible $19 billion. As it has later turned out, this was a brilliant business move, since soon after this acquisition, Facebook’s shares skyrocketed, making the deal worth $21.8 billion. From this simple example, we can see that even the most renowned social network out there sees mobile apps as the future of their business.

Cost Effectiveness

Another thing you need to realize is that making an app is a business move and as such, it is paramount that this app pays off. You don’t need expensive designs, or something complex and fancy. In fact, what most users appreciate are simplicity and practicality. Because of this, you need to find a reliable and cost-effective app maker and put it to work. Your safest bet would be to find a platform which doesn’t require coding so that you can make an app on your own. All you would have to do in this situation would be choose a premade template and begin your work.

Become a Brand

Having an app also improves your branding efforts. If for instance, you make a practical and stylish app, which meanwhile becomes a worldwide success, it will undoubtedly play a large part in your brand recognition. Think about it, most people will come to know your business through this app, so the color and layout of its template might become to you, what red with white stripe is to Coca-Cola. On the other hand, people respond more fondly to user-friendly features than design feats, so make sure to focus on practicality first.

Be a Pioneer

Finally, even though it is more or less public knowledge just how important apps can be for your business, a lot of people still fail to realize this. Most business owners are just content with optimizing their desktop website for mobile users as well, or even making two different versions of it. What this means is that making an app can potentially put you head and shoulders above your competitors, which is always a worthy goal.

Overcome Your Fear of Tech 

As you can see, there is a plethora of reasons to make an app for your small business and not a single one not to do so. The closest thing some people come to excuse is a fear that building an app on their own is something extremely complicated. Nonetheless, as we already mentioned, with the right app builder it doesn’t have to be this way.

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