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Apple Also Announced Airtag Yesterday To Take On Rivals Like Tile


…Apple’s AirTag is here to rival Tile, SmartTags, and others.

Apple finally launches its AirTag — an item tracker shaped like a Tile that functions per another service and software built by Apple dubbed “Find My” exclusive for iOS users. The circular Tile-like tracker only works within Apple’s tracking app which notifies its users whenever a little distance away from the AirTag is noticed; this tracker could either be tagged on any item such as wallets, car keys, etc.

Although Apple’s AirTag looks weightless, still it in-built content includes a user-replaceable battery, Bluetooth LE, accelerometer, and a speaker — which makes up a simple tracker. The in-built battery life duration is expected to last up to a year. Whenever the AirTag goes missing, activating NFC helps to locate the tracker, according to Apple.

The AirTag pre-order is scheduled to commence this next Friday, while proper sales are scheduled for April 30th — the prices are labeled at $29 for a piece and $99 for a pack of AirTags — a pack contains four pieces.

AirTags is designed with accessories such as the leather loop and the keyring that allow the tracker to be inserted into trackable items. Meanwhile, the iPhone maker disclosed they consorted with other accessory manufacturers to develop a better case holder for its AirTag tracker.

Apple’s AirTag will appear in Apple’s tracking software and service application, Find My — the app triggers the Tile-like tracker to play sounds whenever you attempt to locate this device. Aside from the listed components that comprised a whole AirTag, Apple also included its U1 chip — a technology that enhances Ultra-Wideband, haptic feedback, and sound to guide its users searching for lost items.

AirTags is not equipped with a memory allocated inside the visible tracker that stores frequently or previously lost locations — neither does the Find My app access users’ previous location. It worth noting that the iPhone maker built its service and software tracker with E2E encryption while communicating with other devices — for contrast, AirTag and Find My does not share user data.

Apple’s AirTag is expected to completely rival Tile, the tracking company that has been in the location finder sector within the tech industry. Meanwhile, Tile has attempted to fuse Bluetooth LE chips equipping its tracker to exceed mere tracking functions. Tile has reportedly consorted to seek insight from several tech companies, including Dialog Semiconductor, Silicon Labs, Toshiba, and Qualcomm to embed its tracking tool into other devices.

Apple’s innovative experience whereby integrating its services and software to function as a piece (AirTags & Find My) places the smartphone maker ahead of its counterparts. Aside from Tile, AirTags is expected to rival Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags — both AirTag and SmartTags have the same market value.

Apple reportedly delayed the AirTag launch after it was fully developed a year ago. At the time, Tile also attempted to sue Apple against its anti-competitive practice. Tile claims that Apple allegedly removed third-party trackers in iOS 13.5 update that favors Apple’s tracking app.

Nonetheless, Apple denied Tiles allegations, proving their Find My services are open to third-party companies. Apple inventions made it worth noting that its products are exclusively Made For iPhone (MFi) — the simplicity of this rule is understandable that requires third-party companies to apply to access Apple’s tools.

Meanwhile, Apple has created an opportunity for the third party to integrate its products with its services in the next futuristic gadgets to be released.

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