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Apple Reportedly Discussed With Nissan About Developing Its Electric Vehicles Project


The intending partnership between Hyundai Motors and the US finest iPhone maker, Apple, produces a self-driven electric vehicle (EV). The dubbed “project Titan” was called off last week because both companies are egocentric according to their notion of conducting their respective businesses.

However, Hyundai revealed their lack of interest in following up with project Titan last week Monday — producing an EV for a company commonly known for making Mobile gadgets.

According to the South Korean automaker, they had a hunch that “Apple is in discussion with a variety of global automobile makers,” including theirs. At the same time, their subsidiary Kia Corp was to execute the project.

They also disclosed that they would have preferred both parties involved to take credit for the project rather than partnering with a foreign company outside its domestic marketplace.tita

Not for long since the South Korean automobile company broke off a potential deal with Apple — the American tech giant then revealed Nissan as one of the likely automobile companies they reached out to concerning the self-driven EV. At the same time, Apple remains the official brand owning the autonomous EV project.

In recent months, Apple has held meetings with Nissan discussing the subject of the matter, in line with the Financial Times reports that both parties have ceased talking about producing electric vehicles. Apple is likely to take total credit for a successful project.

PS: This subject of the matter is worth billions of dollars, whereas both parties involved will have to officially commend an approval, which will eventually be published as the next big thing for the multinational companies involved.

During a brief interview between Reuters and Nissan’s spokesman, who confirmed an actual meeting between Apple and the Japanese automobile company. After the initial meeting, further discussions are yet to be discussed.

Although the meeting they once had was smooth to anticipate partnership for producing autonomous electric vehicles for Apple, in line with Nissan’s stole pigeon, “Nissan is always open to exploring collaborations and partnerships to accelerate industry transformation.”

The spokesman representing the Japanese automobile company also noted that the meetings they had were relatively brief without a senior executive representing Nissan.

However, in line with the Financial Times report, Nissan’s senior management level executives didn’t indulge in the meeting because of their reaction towards Apple’s offer, which leaves Nissan as an “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” At the same time, Apple remains the brand owner of the autonomous proposed self-driven EV.

In line with Nissan’s COO Ashwani Gupta, who didn’t confirm the rumoured discussion with the iPhone maker, he said: “We have our own customer satisfaction, which comes by car. No way are we going to change the way we make cars.” 

His comments are related to Hyundai’s consent on Apple’s proposal, “The way we design, the way we develop, and the way we manufacture is going to be as an automotive manufacturer, as Nissan,” he added.

Apple continues to trend since Hyundai motors announced a potential partnership they later retracted. Expert’s familiar with the iPhone maker wanting to associate with developed vehicle manufacturers rather than become an automaker itself.

They believe Apple will have a hard time finding an automaker cantered on its kind of proposal, just as they have sought several automakers about their potential autonomous self-drive EV project.

They believe Apple will be better if they stick to their lane of developing tech software and hardware.

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