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Apple Working On Battery Pack Using Its Magsafe Tech For iPhone 12


Apple is developing a new charging accessory for its smartphone device. According to Apple, the battery pack will also represent the accessory that enables its magnetic charging device attached to its iPhone’s rear using its MagSafe technology.

Some of the prototypes of Apple’s charging accessory are reported to have a rubber-like exterior. However, the battery was not built as a protective gear for the device and severed both purposes like the previous battery pack the iPhone maker developed.

Aside from Apple’s battery pack release update, they also revealed that its “reverse wireless charging” is a project for another time.

Conforming to Apple’s report, the supposed battery pack project development should have been completed over a year ago. The iPhone’s software practically hindered the accessory development progress — the software frequently notifies the pack overheats which resulted to further development and research.

Apple’s previous encounter in developing its AirPower charging mat they were forced to abort in 2019 while they initially announced the commencement in 2018. This fact influenced the tech company’s decision to be more cautious about revealing its latest charging accessory development.

According to the iPhone maker, issues related to developing a project could either mean the project’s progress will be halted or scraped.

Apple’s official lineup for the iPhone 12 MagSafe accessory will also feature the latest charging battery pack — it will be attached to the rear of the iPhone with an embedded magnet in the shape of a circle as the assisting force that holds both the gadget and the accessory.

Apple’s previous charging accessory includes the unforgettable wall charger and the initial magnetic wallet attachable to the device’s rear. The iPhone maker reportedly revealed its MagSafe technology would also be inclusive in its laptops as a come-back feature. The MagSafe on its laptops will have the same connectivity in the resonance of its “old pill-shaped design.”

In line with MacRumors reports published earlier this week about the iOS 14.5 beta version coming this spring — the new battery pack was hinted at in the MacRumors’ blog post. Meanwhile, they deleted the iPhone charging accessory’s suggestion from MacRumors’ report about the next iOS operating system.

In context with Apple’s battery pack accessory that is also the tech company’s latest developments, the iPhone maker is also interested in developing its device to charge another device.

In 2019, iPhone’s lineup could have also included the “wireless AirPod charge” but Apple changed plans. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone maker said that it’s AirPod charging functionality is the tech for the future. Still, it’s development should have commenced.

Apple’s MagSafe is the trend energy functionality other gadget accessory manufacturers will emulate — few manufacturers have already attempted its magnetic MagSafe battery pack gas. Conforming to 9to5Mac, they reported that several accessory manufacturers have already ventured into the latest charging model, whereby retail outlets such as Alibaba and AliExpress have sold this product bearing various brand names.

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