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Apple Reportedly Declines Parler’s Appeal From Re-entering its iOS App Store


…Parler is back online but still can’t be distributed via app stores.

Apple reportedly refused to allow Parler access to its app store because the startup media is still yet to amend its communicable policy via its platform. Bloomberg publication about the news was centred on the tech company’s message since February 25th confirming their decision.

According to Apple, every tech platform be it social or otherwise, is responsible for the regulators’ policy guiding the internet community. Bloomberg reported that Parler would continue to be stigmatized as they disavow violence off their regularity with communications.

Apple said “Simple searches reveal highly objectionable content, including easily identified offensive uses of derogatory terms regarding race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as Nazi symbols,” in line with Apple’s message to Parler Bloomberg quoted in its publication — Apple highlighted these reasons as to why Parler cannot function on its distributive platform until they adhere to simple guidelines.

In a nutshell, Parler’s policies regulating its social community are supposed to counter threats, spam, and other illicit contents that should not be normalized.

Meanwhile, in contrast with the guidelines, the conservative social media claims to administer a friendly online community and other regular social media that share a standard policy of maintaining communicable decency online, restricting users or user content that contradicts social guidelines or policies.

Parler’s original social rules have thrown its relationship with other tech companies off balance. Aside from Apple’s declination of Parler’s appeal to access its iOS app store, Google also kicked the social media off its app store, restricting Parler from distributing its services.

It is no brainer that both Apple and Google have been sharing similar business ideas centred on improving their services. In line with the Capitol Hill incident that escalated into a massive riot, Apple and Google believe that Parler’s platform was the rendezvous point the mob used to devise their strategy; and therefore restricted the Parler off their distributive platforms.

Amazon then joined Apple and Google’s band in restricting Trump supporters — Amazon disavowed the web hosting agreement they signed with Parler. Amazon claims that their representatives were concerned about Parler making violence viral, resulting in the Capitol Hill attack; therefore, taking Parler’s site offline was the only agreeable solution.

In response to Amazon’s unethical action, Parler reportedly filed a lawsuit against Amazon Web Services, AWS, which the judge favoured Amazon instead. Without backing down, Parler has been back online with a different web-hosting company. However, social media once mentioned that they preferred AWS hosting Parler.

According to tech experts, the ex-US President Trump’s supporters dominated Parler’s user-base, making 2021 a bad year for the social media company. Parler reportedly cut ties with its previous employees and business partners, including three app developers running its iOS platform and four other employees — including John Matze Parler’s former chief executive.

However, Parler still retained their Android platform developers but not available on the Google app store. Still, Parler’s Android app is accessible outside Google’s play store. Apple and Parler are still yet to respond to comment directly.

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