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The Apple Homepod Mini Sells For $99 And Looks Like A Good Bargain


Apple is set to release the HomePod mini on the 16th of November, 2020. The device is a new smart speaker with innovative, intelligent assistance that delivers stereo experience and convenience without complexity. Compared to the initial HomePod that was sold for $299, the new 3.3-inch tall HomePod mini will be sold for $99, a fantastic price for a well-refined product.

The Apple HomePod is a smart speaker with the fusion of Apple Music and Siri that adjusts to its environment for the best listening experience. With Siri’s assistance, the use of the HomePod is not limited to interacting with music alone but also serves as a reminder to help accomplish daily tasks. The smart speaker is the appropriate tool to manage a smart home and is designed for easy access-controlled with voice detection.

The HomePod is a portable speaker with rich sound that is suitable at almost any spot within the home. Imagine a smart speaker designed with the combination of Apple engineered audio technology and advanced software; the HomePod creates more than a fantastic sound that envelopes the entire home more efficiently than its size, which stands 7-inch tall.

Compared to an average speaker, the HomePod is so advanced that it analyzes the room and then creates the kind of sound suitable to the room’s effect with unswerving bass response. The HomePod speaker is made of a high-defined woofer placed at the top of the 7-inch speaker, programmed with an internal bass equalizer that regulates the bass sound’s effectiveness even when the volume is low.

The smart speaker is designed to deliver an incredible stereo experience, and it also can listen using a pre-installed voice detector; whenever you say” Hey Siri” without a loud voice, the music device pauses the music to attend to your demands. I know you must be wondering how a home speaker is as efficiently loud as the HomePod can also listen while playing music?

The HomePod is a smart speaker designed with an advanced signal processor, the fusion of echo and noise cancellation, enabling the HomePod to detect your voice whenever you use the keywords the smart speaker recognizes. Say “Hey Siri,” the HomePod then sends an encrypted message that isn’t tied to your Apple ID to the Apple server to process your demands. This also explains why Apple HomePod works efficiently and accordingly with any other kind of Apple gadgets.

The device is designed to be seen and heard, creating virtual transparent sound waves that automatically know how to fills the room. All you need to do is plug it in, and your Apple mobile device or your iPad will detect the smart speaker and pair it in less than a second. HomePod can also be multiconnected via AirPlay2 with easy navigation placed at the top of the device to skip music, pause a song, or repeat the previous music. With an impressive feature that allow its user search for songs by lyrics, the smart speaker plays music by the artist or album, plays music by its user’s mood or genre, plays Apple music playlist or your playlist, listens to your favorite podcast or radio station, locates your iPhone or any other Apple gadgets with a ping, makes and receive calls, sets and control multiple timers, and also allows you relax with Ambient Sounds amongst many other unique features.

“HomePod mini has everything customers want in a smart speaker – amazing sounds for listening to music. World-class intelligent assistance that delivers a personal experience each member of the household, and like every Apple product, it is designed with privacy and security in mind,” said Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

In June 2017, during the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple Inc announced the HomePod would be joining the series of Apple gadgets, which got delayed but was eventually launched on the 9th of February 2018 and sold roughly 3 million units before August.

The smart speaker uses advanced audio technology with an updated voice activator. Unlike the previous series that only responds when it hears “Hey Siri,” the HomePod Mini interacts with its users, giving personalized assistance with an improved voice detection such as saying “Hey Siri,

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