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Apple Reportedly Working With LG Display To Develop A Foldable iPhone For 2020


Foldable/bendable device? Brace yourself there is a device storm about to blow your mind away and the maker will be Apple Inc as we have learned that the American smartphone company will be teaming up with the South Korean LG to develop the iPhone model with a foldable display which could be launched in 2020.

According to the Bell News which reported that Apple and LG display are working closely to help develop an iPhone model with a flexible screen for the future to ready device, also added that Apple is ready to invest in an LG plant which is responsible for the manufacturing of OLED flexible display screens.

LG Innotek, the unit of LG are already setting up a team that will help develop the flexible printed circuit board which is called RFPCB, and according to report the flexible display device project could start in 2020.

The South Korean company is known for this and over the years has gained lots of clients because of their expertise in developing flexible display panels, also not to forget Samsung another South Korean company is also known for developing flexible panels but Apple has decided to team up with LG to produce the flexible device instead.

Apple has a long history with LG and as you may recall back in July, Apple invested $2.70 billion in LG display parts units in order to secure a position for its flexible OLED display but at the moment Samsung are the suppliers of the OLED display for iPhone X but Apple is now ready to partner with LG for the 2020 flexible display iPhone model coming out in the future.

Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a flexible display smartphone called Galaxy X that could be launched next year and the unique smartphone will be shown off for the first time, either at CES 2018 or MWC 2018.

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