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Patent Shows Apple Could Be Planning An All Screen Touch ID With Facial Recogntion Tech

Paul Balo

Ever wondered how “big stuff” from big tech just conveniently leaks just when there might be some discussion around their devices? Well it happens far too often with Apple than most others. Apple had had to cut prices of its devices lately to meet up with the slowing sales of its flagship device, the iPhone.

To prepare our minds for just what may be coming, Apple is teasing a radically changed iPhone technology and we’re not talking edge to edge to screen but a Touch ID spanning the entire screen. This was picked up by Apple Insider who have in turned posted what the patent contains.

Transducers surrounding the entire display area, allowing more accurate scan by pinging from multiple sides. Source: Apple Insider

The patent titled “Acoustic pulse coding for imaging of input devices,” depicts how sound could be connected to a surface so as to recognize how another item comes into contact with it. To put it plainly, this could empower a fingerprint to be read when it is squeezed onto a display at any point unlike the current way where you have to push your finger on the designated side below the screen.

As seen in the patent, a variety of acoustic transducers are situated in contact with the surface, and can transmit a coded signal, in light of a touch input. By observing the reflections from various coded signs, a picture resolver can get the reflection data and create a picture dependent on the information.

In actuality, sound driving forces are conveyed and come into contact with the edges of the user’s fingerprint. These edges interfere with the motivation’s travel and are reflected, with these reflections then deciphered into a fingerprint picture like the fingerprint that can be examined.

An illustration using two rows of transducers at the top and bottom of the display Source: Apple Insider

Using fingerprint and facial recognition technology would convey military-grade security to iPhones. Furthermore, with Apple as of now specifying plans to advance iPhones as a potential travel device (like the passport and visa), such high level verification technique would further that objective.

In the interim, in regular circumstances, the choice to use either sophisticated face or fingerprint would give iPhone owners more security options than ever before.

So let’s just say the new update if the leak is true isn’t so much about a big change in physical appearance but more about functionality.

As always, we’ll wait for Apple to confirm this before we learn more in which time we will make all of it available to you.

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