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Apple to build 2 gigantic data centres in Europe


Apple plans to spend nearly $2b building data centres in Ireland and Denmark. These facilities from what we gather will run Apple services like ITunes and maps. In light of recent campaigns for Tech firms to go green, Apple has announced that these new data centres will be powered run on renewable energy. These centres are billed to start operations in 2017.

Ireland plays host to data centres of several other big tech firms. Both Ireland and Denmark are known for their appreciation for renewable energy such as wind. According to Bloomberg news, the project lets Apple address European requests for data to be stored closer to local users and authorities, while also allowing it to benefit from a chilly climate that helps save on equipment-cooling costs. Google Inc. opened a data center in Finland in 2011 and in September unveiled plans for one in the Netherlands. Facebook Inc. started one in Sweden in 2013.

The Irish and Danish centres, each measuring 166,000 square meters (1.8 million square feet), will be among the largest in the world,


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