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Apple to preinstall Beats on your device in your next iOS update – Reports


Just months after acquiring Dr. Dre’s Beats music service, Apple is now planning to push the Beats music streaming service to every iPhone and iPad from 2015. The Beats app will be included in iOS updates.

Apple which owns iTunes aims to control a good portion of the streaming market which is already dominated by Spotify and other services. This comes on the heels of a gradual decline in the number of downloads on Apple’s iTunes. The streaming market has seen a steady appreciation as they provide on-the-go as well as on-demand streaming services anywhere.

Recent reports even have it that Spotify now has a family plan where a single subscription can be extended to members of the same family.

The pre-installation will help new and existing music streaming customers access music easily. You’ll recall that YouTube has recently just announced a music streaming subscription service and analysts are already projecting it to succeed considering YouTube’s already existing audience.

image source: forbes.com

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