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Apple To Remove Unused and “Unupdated” Apps From The App Store


In a move Apple describes as “improvement” to the App Store, unused apps will soon be removed from the App Store. This means that apps that were probably built on older versions of iOS and were never updated will also be removed eventually in a cleanup move of the App Store by Apple. There are over 2 million apps that have been downloaded 130 billion times by iPhone and iPad users since 2008 when the store was opened.

Another thing it’s going to do as a company is degrade unused apps in its Store search engine but those whose apps are currently being used will still be active. In guidelines it provided earlier on its site, it added that these changes take effect from the 7th of September which is about a week from now and the same day we expect the launch of a new iPhone (iPhone 7).

Here’s some further clarification they provided on the subject;

What types of apps will be affected?
Apps in all categories on the App Store will be evaluated to make sure they function as expected, follow current review guidelines, and are not outdated.

What will happen if an issue is found with my app?
The App Store team will contact you and ask you to make any necessary changes for your app to stay on the App Store. However, apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately from the App Store.

How long do I have to make the changes?
You will be asked to submit an update within 30 days to keep your app on the App Store. If you are unable to make the changes within this time frame, your app will be removed from the App Store until you submit an update and it is approved. Please note that apps that crash on launch will be removed immediately.

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