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Apple Wants To Make Sure It’s Really You Who’s Logged In On iOS 9


Two-factor authentication is coming to iOS 9. This is to add an extra layer of security that is intended to keep Apple accounts more secure. Currently, all someone needs to gain access to your account is your password but in the new iOS 9, Apple announced that it will now add a six digit code which you must enter in order to access an account. This code will pop up on any Apple device you are signed into and upon sign in, you won’t be promoted to do this again.

As it stands today, if you forget your password, you’ll be required to enter a 14-digit Recovery Key which is always difficult to remember especially in a case where the device has been stolen. This is going to be eliminated as well. in iOS 9, you can receive a message or call from Apple regarding your account. You will receive instructions on how to recover your password or account in any case. It’s more convenient this way but you should know that this message or call may not be instant which could mean hours and days.

iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan will officially roll out in September and that’s when this feature will be available.

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