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Ashely Madison (“Cheating Website”) Has Its Users Data Exposed On The Web


 Only a month ago, I reported that an “adultery/cheating” website called Ashley Madison was hacked. At the time, the company tried to assure its clients that their data was still safe and that no credit card details had been compromised. It is now a different story, the hackers have now released the information of people who wanted to stay discreet. What this means is this, if you know where to look, you can see these details.

Due to the nature of this, such information can be seen on the dark web and can be accessed using browsers like Tor. There’s a number of other tools you can use to surf the internet anonymously and you can find them here. By just typing in a name or email, you can find out if someone is a user of this service. I hear someone has even gone as far as creating a custom Google map that displays the addresses of users of cheating service.

My immediate take on this would be this, if you run such service, you’ll definitely be a target but due to the complexity of the human nature, its hard to think people will not continue patronising the service.

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried this (checking out the released info) out myself and I encourage you not to.

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