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YouTube Rolls Out New Icon, Changes Design For Mobile, Desktop App After 12 Years


YouTube, the world’s biggest video service platform with about 1.5 billion people streaming to almost any screen with an internet connection  platform on daily and monthly basis has a new look, its first in 12 years.

YouTube earlier announced the significance of the designs it has chosen for the change in mobile, icon and desktop app designs which will take effect this week. The new icon will be refreshed and the emphasis will no longer be on the “tube” rather it will be shifted to the play button icon.

The company icon and designs will be having a new typeface, colour scheme and a list of other changes on its app for mobile and desktop users.

Christopher Bettig, the head of YouTube’s art department explained that “ For the last 12 years, YouTube’s logo has been a pair of anachronisms wrapped inside each other but now We have the word tube in a tube,”

As also explained by Bettig , these new change It’s an evolution, not a revolution and is not yet a complete transformation but a work in progress  but this is a an opportunity for the company to introduce other amazing features that will roll out together with the icon.

He also explained saying  “ The new look is a ribbon that ties these moves together, highlighting the company’s broader shift from a singular website to a family of different apps that stretch across multiple platforms”

The company started in 2005, and yes they started as a single website which was built for only desktop users but now it has cut across all kind of device from mobile phones, tablets, television set and even gaming devices.

YouTube because of its huge audience in the video service and making the list as the biggest streaming service, it is no longer seen as a single brand because over the years it has spread its service to other areas of show business from YouTube kids, Red, Gaming down to TV and music services.

As mentioned by Bettig in an interview, he said that “We felt, because of all that growth, we were missing the mark, we wanted to make something more unified and cohesive, something that really reads as YouTube,” Then he also added that “We were hoping to build a visual language that would make it easy for folks to recognize it.”

This is indeed a bold step for the video streaming platform after all these years from their achievement so far, they have come a long way for this  and we say “way to go YouTube” we are looking forward for more features from theirs basket of surprises.

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