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A Bendable Smartphone From Samsung Could Be Launched Early Next Year


Before now, there were rumours and reports of iPhones bending while in the pockets of owners but none of that has been confirmed by Apple till date. But now it looks like Samsung may be building on those reports to actually bring a verifiable one to reality. According to Bloomberg, Samsung Electronics Co. is considering introducing two new smartphone models that will feature bendable screens, including a version that folds in half like a cosmetic compact, people familiar with the matter said….. Codenamed “Project Valley,” Samsung could unveil one or both of the devices as soon as February, when Mobile World Congress takes place in Barcelona,. This could come as early as February 2017.

This comes as there are reports that major changes like screen size, resolution and more security will be coming to the next iPhone even as there are reports that such big model announcements will now be every three years instead of the two we’ve been used to. Samsung had advertised its Galaxy S4  as a water resistant phone while calling out the iPhone 5S for not having this feature.

The race to continue to decrease Apple’s share of the smartphone market is on and as more brands embrace Google’s Android, we will continue to see this. Apple’s sales have declined a bit but could their new plans to release new models every three years eventually save the brand? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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