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What Are The 13 Major Benefits Of Web Push Notifications?


Web push notifications are a powerful and effective marketing tool for online businesses to reach their audience, actively engage with them, announce sales and promotions, and eventually drive more ecommerce conversions. While email marketing and SMS marketing are still powerful, push notifications holds more power to capture almost double open and click through rates. If you use online shopping websites, you will know how the brands interact with customers through push notifications. Push messages if leveraged wisely can add great value to your business.

Let’s discuss the major benefits of web push notifications and understand what makes it a significant marketing tool to grow your business.

1.      Real-time quick delivery

Web-based push notifications help to establish an instant connection with your customers. Any message that gets delivered to your customers in real-time as soon as it is initiated, gives you a better reach. So when you are planning to announce a new product or a flash sale, there is no other better tool than push notifications to promote it.

Push notifications are short messages that can ensure quick delivery to your users. As the character limit of push notifications is short, make sure it is clear and brief. If your users are connected to the Internet, they will receive your notification instantly.

2.      Works on all browsers

Push notifications work on any browser and hence make a one-time investment to offer a long-run profit to your business. Web-based push notifications are compatible with all major browsers commonly used by customers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet explorer. It also helps to avoid any hassle of spending additional efforts in integrating push notifications to different browsers.

3.      Let your customers know about your brand uniqueness

Unique products and services are the significant elements of your business and if your prospective customers do not see this, it will be difficult for them to get to know how unique your brand is. Using push notifications is a great way to let your customers view important content.

For example, if you are a blogger and send only new blogs to your customers, they get unnoticed of your important content. Instead, you must nurture your new subscribers with your most evergreen and great content, your achievements, etc. which helps you to grow your subscriber base.

4.      Target the right customers

Push notifications can ask the permission of your users to access their location. And if they accept it, you gain access to personalize the user experience with push notifications that are specific to their location based on their time zone.

Additionally, you can also send discounts or specific deals when they are in a particular location. This helps you engage with your users with a great degree of relevance and personalization. Moreover, you can also send notifications to your users according to their interests.

5.      Identify genuine interest

Most users ignore the newsletters you ask to sign up for but push notifications can help your brand reach those customers who are genuinely interested in your brand. If a visitor agrees to receive push messages from your brand, it implies that he/she is genuinely interested in your offerings. While most emails get lost in your potential customer’s mailbox, push messages are powerful enough to cut through all the noise and deliver your message instantly.

6.      Great for converting visitors into customers

Many businesses fail to convert visitors into subscribers despite getting a lot of traffic Most website owners make this mistake of taking efforts to convert their visitors to customers. By using push notifications to compel your regular visitors to subscribe to your site, you will open up the opportunities for them to get notified every time you post something. This, in turn, will help you to improve your website traffic and recurring visits. This is how most top e-commerce websites preserve a high level of recurring traffic every month.

It can be derived that the visitors who choose to receive notifications from you are interested in your brand. They are impressed with your products and services that is why they choose not to miss important updates for your end. These prospects hold more potential to buy from you as compared to other users.

7.      High opt-in-rate

Unlike pop-ups that demand the information of users to send promotions or newsletters, web push notifications don’t ask for any customer information. All it needs is a button click to start the process. For the same reason, they possess a higher opt-in rate than emails. Due to this characteristic, push notifications appeal to users who hesitate to share their personal information online as well. One of the major reasons why push messages are gaining popularity is because of the conversion results they bring in.

8.      They drive real-time traffic

The ability to reach out to your audience in real-time is powerful and the better your real-time reach is; the more powerful impact your brand can have. Imagine you have put up exciting promotions and you need people to see that post really soon. Only push messages are capable to get the word out that fast and efficiently to your customers.

Here are some of the practical implementations of push notifications

  • Boost the exposure of time-sensitive promotions
  • Promote your sensitive/important blog posts
  • To give exposure to your marketing campaigns
  • Promote the videos that you post on your website or social media

Besides driving traffic to your website, push notifications work great when it comes to driving traffic to last-minute deals to boost conversions drastically. Using push messages for your time-sensitive deals is an effective conversion technique.

9.      No mobile app required

Push notifications on Firefox and Chrome work exactly like the native notifications that are sent to mobile apps. The only difference is that you need not have to manage a separate mobile app to leverage the benefits of push notifications. Web push notifications work great on web browsers which saves a lot of development and maintenance cost of setting up mobile apps exclusively for this purpose.

10.  Track actionable metrics

The ability to track significant metrics is one of the benefits of push notifications. They don’t just help to track user behavior, it offers complex analytics with data on open rates, engagement, and delivery receipts, etc. as well. You can get valuable insights into user behavior to see the performance of your brand messages. According to this significant data, you can successfully launch campaigns that bring in great results.

11.  Helps in remarketing

Another great benefit of web push notifications is that it helps you with remarketing. For example, if one of your customers has abandoned their cart, you can use push notification to remind them about it. Push notifications can also be used to display the latest offers, sales, and exciting deals, according to the purchasing history of your customers.

The best thing about this is customers can receive notifications on their desktop even if they are not browsing your website at that moment. Push notifications work as an instant reminder that helps businesses to make sure that they are at the forefront of customers’ mind every time, not just when they decide to engage.

12.  Improve your customer care strategy

Web-based push notifications can greatly improve your customer care strategy. As they are less intrusive than other forms of marketing strategies and help them by offering the right information at the right time. It allows your business to get in touch with your customers with important updates, promotions, and deals. As push messages are great to attract the attention of users, make it valuable by keeping a friendly tone. The more relevant and personal your push notifications are, the better the results you will achieve.

13.  Enhance brand consistency

Notifying your users about coupons, special offers, and last-minute exclusive deals is a powerful way to gain a significant touch point in your marketing funnel. Push messages make an alternative marketing channel where you can give value-added information about your brand to your customers. Push notifications also offer stronger brand recognition by allowing you to use logos and increase the essential value of your brand. Push messages allow you to trigger immediate purchases by sending informative messages at the right time.


Web push notifications is undoubtedly an efficient marketing tool that sets it apart from other marketing tools. The major benefit is that it is not restricted to promotional and marketing purposes alone, it is great to deliver valid brand messages, abandoned cart alerts, product back-in-stock alerts, product updates, etc. Push messages give you direct reach to customers and have a much higher click-through rate, and don’t end up in spam filters. However, you must make sure not to bombard users with notifications, instead use the opportunity to connect with your users.

If you are an e-commerce website owner, a blogger, or a digital marketer, it is essential to implement web-based push notifications on your website to enjoy the power of real-time targeting and converting your visitors into customers. By creating an efficient marketing strategy, you can use push messages to grow and retain your customer base.

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