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United States: Top 3 Internet Services That Are Best For Gaming In 2020


If anything, this year looks super promising for gamers. With exciting titles like Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Trials of Mana, and Doom Eternal coming out, the competition is expected to take on a new shape. If you are a hardcore gamer yourself, you understand the importance of winning and beating the big boss, right? It cannot be possible if you are stuck halfway in the battle with a pixelated screen and a frustrating loading bar, which rips the experience away and leaves a dent in your otherwise flawless record. This is where your internet connection comes in.

A vast majority of video games, like PUBG, World of Warcraft, and COD, connect the player with thousands of other gamers across the world via the internet. This real-time multiplayer online gaming has taken the shape of a trend that contributes to the Millennial and Gen Z culture. Now, if you wish to continue partaking in the glory of MMOs and MMORPG in 2020, then you need to have a blazing fast internet connection, which does not fail you even when everything else does. In this regard, there are a number of internet service providers offering extremely fast and consistent speeds for gamers especially in the telecom market. Here are our top ISP picks for this year.

Charter Spectrum

Charter Spectrum is a telecom giant and is majorly known for its cable internet plans. However, the area, which remains in the shadow, but deserves the highest recognition, is Spectrum’s Fiber division. If you have read up on the internet types, then you already know what fiber optic internet is capable of delivering. Instead of copper, this network type uses strong, glass-based wires to transmit internet signals at the speed of light. Due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, this technology can sustain up to 1 Gig speeds. Moreover, Charter Spectrum utilizes a Hybrid Fiber-Coaxial Network System to satiate the needs of gamers and live streamers. In this particular system, the internet is transmitted over fiber-optic lines to areas where fiber internet is available and it automatically switches over to coaxial wires to deliver super-fast cable internet speeds. So, you can be sure to say goodbye to all kinds of latency once you choose this internet service provider. Here are the top internet plans by Charter Spectrum:

PlanDownload SpeedMonthly Data AllowancePrice
Spectrum Internet100 MbpsUnlimited$49.99/month
Spectrum Internet Ultra400 MbpsUnlimited$69.99/month
Spectrum Internet Gig940 MbpsUnlimited$109.99/month


If you are wondering: Can I find this ISP near me? Then, the answer to your question is a big YES. Charter offers Spectrum Internet in 44 states with the greatest coverage in New York, Texas, and California. You will definitely find it in your region when you look for it.


Frontier Communications

Back in 2014, when Frontier acquired some network lines from Verizon, it started fleshing out fiber internet plans under the brand name of ‘Fios’. Since then, it has not seen even a single setback and now its Fios service has a huge following among speed-hungry consumers. Though its 1 Gbps plan is relatively expensive, its other speeds are pretty enticing. Check them out:

PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedMonthly Data AllowancePrice per Month
Simply FiOS 50/5050 Mbps50 MbpsUnlimited$29.99
Simply FiOS 100/100100 Mbps100 MbpsUnlimited$39.99
Simply FiOS 500/500500 Mbps500 MbpsUnlimited$39.99
Simply FiOS 1G/1G1000 Mbps1000 MbpsUnlimited$199.99

So, if you cannot get your hands on Spectrum, then you can safely choose Frontier Fios which offers a lot of Mbps and comes without data caps!


Xfinity by Comcast

Do you know what the only downside to fiber optic internet is? That it is not available everywhere. Limited communities can get access to fiber because the sophisticated technology requires digging up your front porch and paying a hefty installation cost. So, not everyone’s up for it. However, it is quite possible to enjoy fiber level speeds with your current cable plan, and none other than Xfinity, rises up to the occasion to help the gamers on in this regard. Comcast has been in the run for a long time and has a massive footprint across the United States. Today, Xfinity internet is available to more than 111 million people across 39 states, making it the largest cable provider by area coverage. Anyway, with Xfinity, you can get internet speeds up to 2 Gig, which is saying much. There is a colorful diversity in its plans. Do check out the top Xfinity internet packages below:

PlanDownload SpeedContract TermPrice per Month
Performance Internet100 Mbps$39.99
Blast!® Internet300 Mbps1 Year$59.99
Extreme Pro Internet600 Mbps1 Year$69.99
Gigabit Internet1000 Mbps2 Years$79.99
Gigabit Pro2000 Mbps2 Years$299.95

As you can see, Comcast Xfinity relays a large variety of speeds. With its 300 Mbps plan, you can play Fortnite all night long with your team, and never have to worry about losing to lags.

Final Words

A strong and sturdy internet is essential for having a perfect gaming experience, and the aforementioned providers ensure that you get the speeds you require for this purpose. To land the best internet deals in your area, search by your zip code on Local Cable Deals as it is the fastest way to narrow down the packages available in your vicinity. Moreover, when searching for providers, always compare their plans and prices so you can choose the one that fits your budget. Another factor that you need to keep in mind is the usage requirement of your household. If multiple people will be using the internet simultaneously, then it is better for you to purchase a high-speed internet with an unlimited data allowance. However, if there is only one gamer in the house, and others are not avid users, then go for a moderate internet package to save money on your monthly expenses.


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