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Best Windows 10 Themes For Every Windows User


A lot of people like changes and want to customize their desktop with wallpapers and themes. Whoever underestimated the effects of visual stimulus really had it wrong, I mean why not look at something that you would really like, Right? One of those things is also your window’s theme, windows come with several themes to choose from, these themes have been evolving with every new version of windows or one might say with the evolution of technology.

There are so many users who don’t even try to change the default windows themes and keep looking at the same old boring monotonous colors all over their computer screen. Why would you want to do that when you have so many cool options available to play with?

Window’s theme is basically the background image of the desktop and the color combinations, the look, and feel of your desktop. Microsoft provides free of cost themes to be downloaded and used for a more stimulating and personal experience for the users. The look of your background, icons, etc, when changed to your likings really, puts jazz to the whole “Working on your computer” part, don’t you think?

Microsoft store allows you to download desktop themes for Windows 10 as per your liking to be used on your Windows 10, these are simple follow the step procedures, you need only to download the files and run it on your system. Few of the hot trending free themes of Windows 10 are:

  • Mac OS El Capitan

Image Source- YouTube

Even if you are not using an iOS you can still make your system look like one with this theme, this is what this theme of Windows10 is supposed to do. It gives a complete iOS effect to your computer and you may enjoy the look and comfort of iOS without having one.

  • Silk

Image Source- Pinterest

 Silk theme has been rated as one of the most beautiful looking themes of Windows 10, you may customize and rearrange the icon. It appears as if a stack of cards are placed, the changing of colors and icon appearance is so easy to do with such an amazing effect.

  • Ubuntu Skin Pack

Image Source- SkinPack

 If you like the Ubuntu operating system you must try this Ubuntu skin pack theme, it gives your windows 10 a Ubuntu interface. This theme is one of the most searched ones for Windows 10, you may customize colors and icon look as well of this theme.

  • Diversityx VS

Image Source- DevianArt

Dark themes are very in the trend these days and Diversity VS is one the best ones available, it gives your system a stylishly classy look. The dark shades are countered by some transparency in certain areas, this makes it look even more exclusive. Being dark does not mean this theme goes blank at night, rather the effect is mesmerizing.

  • Vanilla

Image Source- SkinPack

Don’t we all love Vanilla, yes we do! The vanilla theme is as simple, subtle and pretty as it sounds. This theme does not come with defined edges but is diffused to give a cloudy experience to the users. It gives your system a simple serene look. If you do not want a much hassle or loud theme for your computer you should consider using this theme.

  • Windows XP

Image Source- YouTube

How can we forget the iconic Windows theme, where it all started? The lush green grass field and cloudy blue sky, it does not take much to stroll down the memory lane. The Windows XP theme gives you the same nostalgic experience but with more customizable features like color, icons, etc. Try using this to relive the old days.

  • Aero Glass

Image Source- IntoWindows 

Are you bored of the same old opaque look all over your system, with every theme you use? Then try using Aero glass theme, this gives your desktop a beautiful glassy look, you will feel like you actually looking through glass. This new and stylish theme is a monotony breaker.

All in all, we would want you to choose the theme that speaks with you, that is you rather. Do not think more about what will be the best to pick, in fact, you just look at a few desktop themes for Windows 10 and whichever strikes most with you download it from the Microsoft store and use it on your computer.  You can also download more than one and switch as per the disposition.

We have mentioned some of the free themes for Windows 10 and If you have more desktop themes for Windows 10 apart from the above one, feel free to suggest in the comments section below.

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