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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Spotify Experience


Spotify is a music service that is simple and comfortable to use.

Just start a radio station and watch it run for as long as you want. There are also lots of playlists in it that will have you dancing throughout the day. However, even if Spotify can be simple to pick up, immediately it is yours, knowing how to go about making the most of your experience will require some guidance. Below is how you can do more with Spotify on your Android device:

  1. Audio quality

Spotify has great audio qualities to help provide the desired clarity that users want and also saves data. Sadly, setting the audio quality on streaming and on mobile data cannot be separated.

The same audio quality is what you get. So before you make up your mind to increase your streaming audio quality to “Extreme”, think about how much you plan to use Spotify with a data connection, like in a vehicle or as you exercise. But It’s also possible to set the audio quality for downloaded songs differently from streaming audio quality. If your mobile device is not complaining about space, setting downloaded audio quality to “Extreme” is a wise decision.

For the setting of quality, click on  “My Library” then click the gear icon in the top right corner of your display, you will see the audio settings there.

  1. Load up for offline

However, you will not be able to cache music to play when you are not online, but all you need to listen to offline will have to be downloaded. This is why it is key to have your preferred albums and playlists downloaded in case there is no connection.

The good thing is that you can download albums and playlist but you can’t download radio stations and tracks. If you fancy a specific radio station, it is possible to include tracks from the station to a playlist so you can play when you are not online, but it has to be done one by one.

It does not matter what you download, simply make sure something is saved for your offline use.

  1. Choose what you save to your library wisely

You can run out of what to listen to. There are over a thousand jams to enjoy from, and via radio stations, playlists and Discover, you can rock various new songs. Just be sure you really love the song before you have it saved in your library.

Spotify will only let you add ten thousand tracks to your library, and immediately you approach that limit, you will need to clean albums and songs that you no longer enjoy making way for the fresh jams you wish to add.

The wisest thing to do here is to add individual tunes to your library instead of adding full albums if you do not fancy all the songs in it.

  1. Turn up the radio

When it comes to creating a playlist on songs you love on Spotify, the most appropriate way to go about it is by listening to radio stations regularly and rating your experience. It does not matter if you like listening to your selections on your playlists, but try to enjoy the radio stations once in a while so you can get rate song suggestions.

Spotify will surely serve you dope mixes and will also expose you to playlists that will suit your music taste. By so doing, anytime you enjoy a radio station, you never have to skip.


  1. Play with playlists

Spotify is loved for its radio stations, but that does not mean when you build your personal playlists, you are out of line. By creating your personal playlists, Spotify can then dazzle you with more personalized radio stations via Playlist Radio. Adding songs from several radio stations to playlists will also grant you the opportunity to rock them once more and have them downloaded for your use when you are not online.

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