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8 Ways Big Data Can Make You The Entrepreneur Of The Year


Big Data is helping businesses of all sizes in taking big decisions. One of the most critical technologies in the world, Big Data is proving its worth in every industry vertical. An entrepreneur is required to take many decisions on a typical day. The success ratios of these decisions determine the success probability of a business. There are various aspects in business today, which with the use of Big Data can turn out to be a critical factor in the making or the fall of a business.

From business development to product development to transportation, marketing and sales, big data provides businesses with key pointers to achieve their goals in a more organized manner. An expert Big Data Analytics Company like our’s believes in providing end-to-end Big Data Services right from data analytics that could redefine the business process, decision to proceed with new acquisitions or apply predictive analysis to know the market and returns. All these decisions are taken by the entrepreneurs based on the data analyzed by big data service providers. By availing the Big Data Analytics Services, you as an entrepreneur can benefit immensely.

Now, you might be wondering how exactly, so as a Big Data Technology enthusiast I would like to spill some beans on why Big Data has the potential to make you a successful entrepreneur;.


How Big Data help in your business?

Using Big Data to understand customer’s problem

Business is all about providing a service or solving a problem. No business can survive without solving the problem effectively, and the first step to solving a problem is to identify it correctly. Big data systems help you in identifying a customer’s underlying problem and catering to your solution accordingly. Using the data that you have collected, a big data analytics algorithm can help you identify underlying patterns in the data and let you have a better insight into which problem is the most persistent one and needs your attention on a priority basis and thus process accordingly.

By identifying the most plaguing problem correctly, you can target all your resources in the direction of solving that problem first. It saves considerable time and money, which is lost on targeting issues that are not that important to the customer. It is decisions like this that make an entrepreneur more successful.

A big data system can help you in understanding the environment of the customer and identifying how your product can fit into it.

Define ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Defining a perfect customer profile is essential, and Big Data analytics systems can help you in achieving this feat by analyzing various crucial data points. Earlier the best, business could do is to take an educated guess, but with the advent of sophisticated Big Data algorithms, the game has changed in favor of companies. Now they can verify all the assumptions and evolve an accurate ideal customer profile much faster than before.

Questions like, how much is the average age of the person who purchases your products? What is the gender of the person who purchases your products? And, does your audience have a niche hobby? are the ones which impact the buying decision.

By building an ideal customer profile, you will gain clarity on the type of people that you need to target first. Big data analytics can help you in establishing a correlation between the various demographic factors and the propensity of the customer to buy your product.

Leverage Cloud computing using Big Data

Cloud computing is the new buzzword in the tech world. With companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google throwing their hats into the ring of cloud computing, a new era has dawned on cloud computing, which encompasses small businesses also. Earlier to gain valuable insights from big data, you needed massive server farms and enormous computing power, which was accessible only by big corporations. But with the emergence of cloud computing services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud, the playing field has leveled now.

By using these services, you, as an entrepreneur, can make sense of the enormous amount of data that your organization collects. Use the power of cloud computing to leverage the potential of big data in identifying new business opportunities. You can avail our Big Data Consulting Services to harness the power of this technology in your business.

Keep social media in mind

Social media has evolved into one of the most powerful tools in modern digital communication. With millions of users spending a significant chunk of their time on various social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you as an entrepreneur cannot afford to ignore the power of social media. Big data analytics can help you in identifying social media trends related to your brand.

We have seen numerous times how social media users tarnish the image of a brand for apparently for not providing the promised services. In today’s world, news spreads faster on social media than when it was via traditional media channels. Social media is a double-edged sword, social media can be used for the benefit of the brand, and it can also prove to be detrimental for the brand.

Using Advanced Big Data Analytics Solutions, you can identify the positive or negative chatter related to your brand on various social media handles and analyze them efficiently. It will provide your customer service team with valuable time to craft an effective strategy to either counter-attack the negative chatter or to gain benefits from the positive chatter.

Generate new business

By applying the power of predictive analytics, you can identify new groups of potential customers. By analyzing the behavioral patterns of customers in a market, you can narrow down the customers who are most likely to buy your product. By doing this, you will essentially create new revenue streams that will aid your business is growing.

Big data analytics helps you in identifying buying patterns in your existing customers as well as new customers. By using predictive algorithms, you can quickly identify up selling as well as cross-selling opportunities and consequently generate new revenue streams. Big Data helps in personalizing the user experience by analyzing the individual buying patterns of each customer.

Stay ahead of the curve by knowing about the broader market trends first

Big data can prove useful in providing you with valuable information about the market trend.  By conducting a market trend analysis, you can stay ahead of the curve by knowing the effects of the more significant market trend on your market. By adapting your product according to these broader market trends, you can gain a substantial advantage.

By using market analytics, you will understand which market trends have the potential to influence your smaller marketplace extensively. Hence you will be better placed to surpass your competition by taking necessary steps to mitigate the market change.

Cut the flab and improve efficiency big time with Big Data

Business analytics using big data can prove to be a vital tool in your fight against inefficiency. By applying the insights gained through business analytics, you can get immediate answers to your business questions, helping you to make decisions faster without wasting much time. A sound business analytics system will provide you with easily digestible data visualizations that will aid you in making big decisions quickly.

With the rise of cloud analytics systems, the latency in data synchronization is eliminated. By providing you with real-time data that will keep you ahead of the current trends, Big Data analytics can aid in your quest to become a successful entrepreneur. The technology can further help the entrepreneurs by identifying the workflow and operations processes that need your attention. Big Data will improve the efficiency of your overall system, saving you time as well as money.

Developing your marketing campaign

Data-driven marketing is the new rage in the marketing world. Today marketers have the luxury of taking marketing decisions by analyzing big complex data sets using sophisticated data processing algorithms. Marketers can make important decisions like which advertisement will work for which demographic, which social media channel to target, employing effective pricing strategies, and determining which content to target different sets of customers.

Big data allows you to gain a better understanding of your target audience, the competition, and the prevalent conditions in the industry. By analyzing the data, you can identify critical trends that will shape the future of your marketing campaign.

Signing off

Big data analytics has changed the way we do business. If you are not availing the services of an efficient Big Data Solutions Provider, then you are missing out on the bus to be the next big entrepreneur. By providing you with the necessary knowledge at an appropriate time, Big data analytics will prove to be an essential tool to take your business further.


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