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Massive Gmail Redesign Brings New Features Like Meet And Rooms Together


There may be massive changes coming to Gmail in the coming weeks if today’s major leak is anything to go by. We’ve always known for some time now though that Gmail for Android would get an update that would see it integrate Google Chat and Meet into it. The new design is taking remote working into account and as such Google is making Gmail your “new home for work” tool. The phrase comes as the new Gmail has been greatly upgraded to let you access majority of other Google services/apps once you’re logged in. The new design plus new features added into Gmail could be a game changer for the 1.5 billion user Google email service. That said, some iOS for Gmail started seeing the Meet integration weeks ago so with respect to Meet integration, it’s basically for Android for Gmail users.

The leaked design comes with a bottom bar from where you can start chatting. Chats and Rooms will from the new bar lets you launch one-on-one or groups chats and from now you get a notification reminding you of unanswered chats.

Rooms in Gmail are to further make the collaboration space more efficient and with this, you will be able to create work spaces with colleagues and collaborate on tasks. With Rooms you can have Google Docs files opened in full screen mode while the video chats open in a picture-in-picture windows to the left. This allows for a side-by-side document editing alongside chat. Other group conferencing features like meeting attendance, hand raising and Q&A can be seen in the leaked images released today.

Google began working on quickly releasing a couple of remote work services at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic including its top notch BeyondCorp Remote Access.

While the redesign appears to be leaks at this stage, it’s clear that Google would either speed up the redesigned Gmail or come out tp say it won’t do that anytime soon . My bet is on the former though 

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