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Big Tech Is Getting Into Finance: A Deep Dive


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In the current digital landscape, technology is evolving day by day. The Digital revolution has significantly impacted existing financial services; it has made an outstanding contribution to improving users’ economic experience. Digital companies have implemented the latest technological developments to ensure digital payments, P2P lending, insurances, investment management, and many other facilities. 

Tech giants are now taking over the financial services by controlling its different aspects. Tech giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are making their way to financial cloud computing by adapting application and data-centric approaches. They are targeting financial cloud computing technology to control financial matters according to their practice. On the other hand, eCommerce companies like Alibaba and Amazon focus on creating a smooth and frictionless experience. It involves creating user interest in financial services, like using customer data to deal with working capital and credit risk. 

The large tech firms are advancing in managing the integrated financial and delivery of services. They are considering it as a part of a holistic customer engagement plan. These companies also have an edge over traditional financial service providers. The lack of legacy, better knowledge of data manipulation, and ongoing investments in new technologies have kept these companies one step ahead. Their primary focus is to deliver good commercial results for customers. Data-centric businesses hold the sheer amount of data efficiently as compared to financial institutions. This efficiency is increasing with every passing year. 

On the other hand, financial institutions have an excellent customer base. Their clients have faith in them to keep their money and sensitive data secure. By having a strong collaboration with each other, tech and financial organizations can revolutionize the entire industry by converting the traditional supply chain into a single delivery platform.

Let’s dive in to find out how big tech is getting into finance:


Role of Big Tech in Banking

As a result of the continuous technological evolution in the financial industry, customers will be interacting with banks in a hassle-free way. The same way you interact with eCommerce and other digital platforms. 

Banks will also be able to leverage technology through highly-functional accounting systems. For example, software like accounting software from Crunch is already helping customers save time and money. It also allows customers to manage their business finances in a stress-free manner. Big Tech’s movement proves that alternative modern methods for traditional banking practices need time and market. 

Targeting Customers Preferences 

Big tech companies are making efforts to improve the user experience. They work on the nudge philosophy by focusing on customers’ preferences to spend more time on apps and platforms. It plays a crucial role in increasing their customer base and improving the way of monetizing customers. It helps them build new platforms and technological advancements to drive more revenue. Google and Facebook have already done that by monetizing our eyeballs. 

On the other hand, Amazon is also trying to make us buy the stuff that we don’t even need. But financial services have been an integral part of Big Tech companies to help consumers and businesses worldwide. And still, it is going on until now.  

User Experience of Mass Personalization

Let’s talk about the strengths of these tech giants. They work from a brand perspective by identifying the daily touchpoint of users. They assure user experience of mass personalization. It involves getting daily engagement from billions of users through play stores, app stores, smartphones, and digital wallets. It also provides plenty of reasons for banks to bring amendments to their banking practices as per the current digital evolution. 

Making way to New Financial Fray

The process of evolutionary development is still going on, and it seems like an ever ending. The data processing abilities of Big Tech companies like Google are creating new opportunities for finance operations specifically related to purchasing and payments. It also shows how deeply these companies will observe the traditional markets. They have already gained a cutting edge over others by dealing with the financial regulation margin. In the coming years, no other company seems to come closer to these giants. 

Empowering Businesses 

One of the significant impacts that Big Tech has created is how businesses operate and manage their financial operations. You don’t have to take the stress of large amounts of transactions to your clients. It is just away at the single touch of a finger through your mobile phone app. With time, Big Tech giants bring more convenience daily to provide business owners with numerous advantages. It also makes a good impact on their overall productivity and ensures smooth business operations. 



The role of Big Tech in finance is hard to ignore. The concept of the digital wallet is ready to overtake the traditional currency. It will not only streamline consumers’ daily life activities but also help businesses to enhance their growth. These companies have taken a data-centric approach to build new applications and technology based on customer’s information. It is just a matter of some time when we will no longer require a currency. Hopefully, this guide will help you understand the importance of Big tech in finance. 

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