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Bitcoin’s Volatility Raises Fears Of A Coming Regulation Especially From The United States


Bitcoin — the world’s most “lucrative” cryptocurrency is renowned for fluctuating overtime. This past week, BTC recorded another significant drop on Friday, similar to the drop it experienced in September 2020.

Besides the fact that BTC lacks depths, the cryptocurrency ought to have been regulated based on its successes — probably until its frothy nature is determined. Then, the authorities will regulate it.

During the Asian trading session, BTC almost hit a higher mark, $32,000 that should have been its highest score. Whereas for three weeks, BTC remained on a 5% drop which is equivalent to $28,800.

After the 12% drop it experienced in September 2020, its worth has not devalued more than the 11% – the total losses it encountered this week.

A Melbourne analyst at IG Markets, Kyle Rodda, shared a report according to BitMEX Research, their report implied they detected 0.00062063 BTC ($21) expenses — a double of a certain amount of BTC they believe was spent on acquiring tools that are likely to bolster it’s selling pace, although the issue got resolved duly.

Rodda said “You wouldn’t want to rationalize too much into a market that’s as inefficient and immature as bitcoin, but certainly there’s a reversal in momentum.”

“The herd has probably looked at this and thought it sounded scary and shocking and it’s now the time to sell,” Rodda continued.

Two weeks ago, BTC was trading at its peak with more than 20% but below its all-time highest score, 42,000 dollars. Ever since the Chinese-based cryptocurrency is labelled as the world’s most lucrative revenue generator, regulation ministries have paid close attention to the digital currency and its affiliates.

The Head of the U.S. Treasury Department nominee, Janet Yellen — appointed by President Joe Biden, said she is is more concerned about regulating BTC. While addressing the U.S. Senate hearing on Tuesday, she highlighted that criminals would keep using the frothy currency network to finance their illegal dealings.

The European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde also intervened with a phone call, sharing her concerns about globally regulating the digital currency.

Once bitcoin gets regulated, other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Polkadot (DOT), Ripple (XRP), and many more others will also get regulated respectively.

Some analysts believe that BTC’s latest pullback was strategic to escape being regulated — as an unstable piece, “It made extraordinary gains, and it’s doing what bitcoin does and swinging around.”

During the Asia trading session on Friday, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, ETH, has also been stuck for over a week while it dropped then picked up again by 6% on Friday, equivalent to $1,177.

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