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You Can Now Send And Receive Bitcoin On WhatsApp


Starting now, you can send, receive and earn bitcoin and litecoin on Whatsapp.

The aspect of crypto transactions is getting wider as the ‘crypto winter’ remains in the past. Now, more platforms offers to conduct crypto transactions– and they are not only exchanges or crypto wallets. Even though, some market players have started targeting popular messaging platforms for introducing crypto payments, now another company is joining this club—Popular instant messaging app WhatsApp now offers its users the possibility to send and receive cryptocurrencies thanks to Lite.IM, a bot developed by Zulu Republic, according to a message published by the developers.

A Swiss-based crypto messaging platform called Lite.IM developed a tool to simply receive and send BTC via WhatsApp. Lite.Im is developed by Zulu republic, who distributed a free airdrop for their native ZTX token in 2018.—All you have to do as a user to send or receive crypto through the new WhatsApp bot, you just need to install it and check on-screen prompts. The bot also enables users to earn some crypto by referring friends and ensuring they install it as well.

The default languages currently are Spanish and English. The WhatsApp service also supports receiving and sending Ethereum (ETH) and ZTX native token of the Zulu Republic platform. Below are the step by step guide on how to receive and how to earn using the bot-platform:


How to earn some Bitcoin by sharing links??

  • Start the process by clicking here.
  • Choose your Language
  • Set a Password
  • You’re all set!

The smart reading already saw option 6, share your code with friends and you can earn btc—This is yet another way to earn bitcoin or crypto that is available for the people who are looking to earn crypto from home.

How do I receive Bitcoin on Whatsapp?      


It’s simple, once you have installed the bot you do the following:

  • Type in 0 and press enter, to reset the bot
  • Click on options menu, then you type in 1 to receive btc
  • To receive, type 2 then scan the QR code.

Send that QR code to your friends, and tell them you are open for business and you accept bitcoins!

How to change virtual currency?

Besides bitcoin on Whatsapp, you can also use other coins on the messaging platform

  • Type “0” to go the main menu. Then type 1 to change default currency, pick which coin you want to use between Ethereum, Litecoin and Zulu Republic token (ZTX) then type the number of the as shown in the image above.

At this time, it doesn’t look like the app supports ERC20 tokens yet. So it’s not suitable to earn airdrops on Whatsapp. However, if this feature is added later we will be sure to update you.

This mobile money transaction through WhatsApp will make it easier for people in Africa and Southeast Asia where there are huge population of underbanked and unbanked people—The fact that WhatsApp welcomes Bitcoin ahead of the Facebook Coin launch will help individuals to learn about virtual currency and develop trust in them. Bitcoin is slowly becoming a major asset, and it’s fulfilling the expectation of its early believers.

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