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Here’s Why Brands Need To Keep An Open Mind About Mobile Apps!


The world is currently waging a war against the global Pandemic. It is filled with people and businesses under destress. In such a complex time one technology that has emerged as a solution is mobile app development.

Isn’t it exciting to know that in a single decade, applications have been able to create a special place in the market?

From education and entertainment to finance and real estate, almost all industries have adopted the expanding perks of the application industry. Businesses, both emerging and established ones are now finding out different ways in which they can jump on the digital bandwagon. But still, there is a huge chunk of traditional brick and mortar stores that have not yet embraced the tech world.   


Are you too confused about adopting mobile app technology???

It is natural to be confused about a new trend. Nobody wants to integrate a process that won’t yield profitable results. But the app industry has proved its worth time and again. The year 2020, yes, the one filled with chaos, was undoubtedly a record-setting year for the entire mobile app industry.

It helped a lot of processes to reach out to a larger chunk of their target audience. Global consumer spending on mobile apps touched a record $110 billion last year. This figure represents 30% year-over-year growth from 2019. Before that app stores generated a whopping $85 billion. Since the figure is profitable and constantly rising, it is inspiring a lot of young entrepreneurs to create a business app that would help them to gain better visibility. There are a lot of other advantages that come attached with an application, for both audience and a brand.

Did you know that an average user spends almost 80% of their phone time jumping from one application to another? It is not tough to witness the comfortability of a regular user with a digital platform.

If your target audience is more comfortable while using your brand’s app than visiting the store in person, then why not provide them with exactly the platform that they are looking for?    

Today, in this blog we would be learning two major things about the app industry. We would be focusing on understanding why a business cannot ignore it, and how businesses can add the oomph factor in apps which would eventually help it to dominate the market.

Is your brand ready to resonate with the transforming user demand???

Are you ready to dive deeper into the digital pool???

If your answer is yes, then without any further ado, let us begin the process of learning!!! 

Here’s Why Businesses Cannot Ignore Integration Of A Mobile App!  

The physical world that we live in, requires the customer base to stand outside the shop in long and never-ending queues just to get their necessary items billed. Surely, with the hectic lifestyle, it is impossible for the user to continue this traditional format. The introduction of the application technology has a huge role to play in the transformation of the age-old format of physical stores. Now all users need is an on-demand application with which they can get anything delivered at their doorsteps.

It is necessary that a company realizes an app’s potential to walk hand in hand with the emerging trend. If you want to bridge the gap present between your user base and your process, then developing an application is the most profitable choice. You do not have to kickstart the process right away, but it is necessary to explore the revolutionizing opportunities. Therefore, you much educate yourself more about the process and get started with it.       

Here is the list of reasons why a brand needs to invest in an app. Take a good look and explore your understanding.   

  1. User Loyalty

The market is filled with applications that do not have a large and strong user base. And it is the major problem that brands, all over the world are suffering from. The introduction of digital platforms has allowed brands to eradicate this shortcoming. With the help of the app’s push notifications, businesses can create awareness about the goods and services that they are offering. This will eventually help in building brand recognition and user loyalty.      

  1. Visibility

It is becoming harder for a startup to survive in the market because of the ever-growing competition. Therefore, one needs to play smart and target both offline and online users. It would be silly to focus on a single user base when one can get the best of both worlds. Having an application will allow you to boost your visibility in different locations, which is not possible with a physical store.     

  1. User Engagement

For marketing, brand-to-user communication is necessary. But one must also focus on user-to-brand communication, as the audience is always looking for a brand to put in extra efforts to address their concerns. Applications provide a platform where companies can take feedback from the customer base, and the audience too can register their complaints, without breaking any sweat. It creates an engagement channel where the user base is 100% comfortable.  

  1. Revenue Funnel

The creation of an application directly impacts the existing revenue funnel as it accelerates the sales. It delivers the comfort to the audience to shop at any time and from any place. This means the sales can be generated 24*7.

  1. Competition

Through a digital platform, the brands can target the user base using different marketing strategies. Implementing or changing strategies is very easy, and it will help your brand to evolve continuously. 


Rising Technologies That Add The Oomph Factor!

Here is the list of all the developing technologies that are making their way into the application industry. The inclusion of these techs can take the user experience to another level. One must never rule out the possibility of working around these in the future. Check out top picks- 

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Chatbots
  4. Augmented Reality
  5. Virtual Reality
  6. Internet of Things
  7. Blockchain
  8. Wearables
  9. Cloud technology
  10. Facial Recognition

Summing It Up!

Now you have a much better understanding of why you need to integrate a mobile application. You also have an idea about the technologies that you can include during the construction of your application, in order to boost efficiency. If you want to fetch more insights about the involved technicalities, then make sure you connect with the skilled professionals for the same. Connecting with the bootless teams will only hamper the growth, and jeopardize the success in the digital world. We all know that there is no scarcity of apps on the popular stores. Since the competition is so cutting edge, it is necessary that you make every decision by thorough evaluation, only then you would be able to hit the nail.

The world of technology is filled with wide-ranging opportunities for a variety of fields. It is necessary to find the technology that would complement your brand completely and cater to the growing demands of your user base. So buckle up and get ready to explore the intuitive measures through which you can get multiple steps ahead of your competitors.

If you have any doubt about the blog, then feel free to reach out to us in the comment section present below. We would be delighted to help you out with your queries. For more exciting updates from the tech world, stay tuned to this space. Happy reading!  


Ankit Singh is an ambitious entrepreneur who has set a remarkable difference in the app development turf, with his innovative ideology and creative spark. Apart from having a knack of technical advancements, he also has a taste writing and loves to share technical tips happening in the tech industry.

Social Network : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001040361823



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