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Smartphone Addiction: Tips For Breaking Free Of Compulsive Smartphone And Internet Usage


Smartphone addiction is a decease everyone is suffering today. We can watch from hundreds of videos and can read about this disaster over the internet as well. It looks like smartphone is connecting us with the people but actually it is cutting us off from the real world. On social media everyone shows only the brighter side of their life which sometimes lead us to depression and we start believing that our life is worst then of others sometimes we become so much addicted that we forget to focus on our work and some of our real-life tasks suffer because of smartphone addiction. At a point of time I myself realized that we should beat the smartphone addiction before it will beat us and because of some simple tips I was able to overcome from the smartphone addiction. Here I am sharing these tips with you.

  1. Connect with real people:

The first thing you should try to beat the addiction of your smartphone is to connect with the real people we often go to public places such as parks club’s stadiums but what we usually forget is that there we are surrounded by kids and other people. Instead of being so busy with our smartphones we should talk to real people. We should involve ourselves in the real environment more and more.

  1. Drop the data pack:

Another idea which can work for you is to drop your internet pack for a month. It works perfectly because your smartphone will no more be a smartphone if you will drop your internet pack. Because of internet connection we keep searching for new stuff online and keep watching posts on the social media platforms. It is a better idea to give it a try dropping internet pack for a month or, so this will give you freedom from all social media application and ultimately helps you to beat your addiction of smartphone.

  1. Think what you loved to do before you were having a smartphone. Smartphones gained remarkable popularity in last 10 years but before that people were having some really good sources of entertainment they were indulged in some meaning full real conversations. Our hobbies were playing games instead of chatting, texting and mobile gaming. You can restore yourself back to the old days by staying away from your smartphone for few days once these activities will become your new habit you will naturally forget about the smartphone addiction.
  2. Say good bye to smartphone:

If you are done with all the efforts, then get a simple featured phone for yourself and keep your smartphone in a locker for few days. You will still be reachable for everything urgent as you will be having a basic handset, but you will beat the smartphone addiction at the same time you will be reachable for anything important. After a month or so maybe you will realize that your smartphone was just the waste of money.

  1. Using a third-party application:

This may sound wired but in beating the addiction of smartphone a smartphone application can help you. There are many such applications which can help you to beat your addition to your smartphones. Here we are describing social fever application app from Systweak software. Here is how it works.

  1. You can download and install this application for free from the Playstore.
  2. Once you are done with download and installation you can set usage timing for the social media applications.
  3. The application shows you clear stats of your smartphone usage and how much time you have spared for the real-world activities.
  4. Apart from application and data usage it shows you alerts when you continuously using earphones, or your screen is continuously turned on for unexpectedly long time.

The application really works amazingly to help you in beating your smartphone addiction by showing you the bitter reality that how smartphone addition is not killing your time but spoiling your health as well.

This is how you can beat your addiction of smartphone. May be at present you will not realize the need of doing so much efforts to beat this addiction but sooner or later you will realize it. It is better to become use to of spending few hours without your smartphone before situation become worst.

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