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Cardi B Joins OnlyFans, A Website That Allows Subscription Model For Content Access


American rapper Cardi B has an OnlyFans account for herself and her fans who want a closer look at her life. OnlyFans is a website where people go to see exclusive photos and videos of models and adult film actresses, well the site does other things but that’s what its known for. In a video post on Instagram, the musician says she’ll be putting behind-the-scenes content of her new music video “WAP” in which she features Megan Thee Stallion.

The page is accessible for $4.99 and according to her will not be containing any overt nudity just in case you had that in mind. “I wanna know what my fans would like to see there,” she says in the video. And to be clear, “no I’m not going to be showing my titties, or my pussy, or my ass,” she adds. “Just straight up real-life content shit. You guys be mad nosey when it comes to my life.”

She will start by putting up rehearsals and photo shoots of the music video up for fans to see for a fee.

OnlyFans allows just about anyone to create content using a subscription model and its been like that for four years and if you haven’t heard of them, its probably because they are still not really mainstream but it looks like that is all about to change with a big name like Cardi B joining the site.

There was a reported breach on the site some months where hackers claimed they had credit card details of users among other content but the site was quick to deny that this was so.

OnlyFans has over 25 million users and over 500,000 content creators which means it has the potential to become mainstream someday. That said, it is still largely seen as an adult related platform so if you have to open it, you may want to do that away from the public and that includes your work computer.

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