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Code9Help App Will Help Tackle Crime And Insecurity In Nigeria


The issue of security is one of the greatest problems of the country today. Marauders are known to invent new strategies to cause mayhem and jeopardy but this will come to an end in no time. A new mobile app called Code9Help has recently launched to tackle crime and guarantee help and safety in emergency situations.

Developed in the UK, the application has the ability to send an immediate alarm to alert your contact through text messages, emails and the GPS location shown in the email and SMS, with a single click of a button.

Duke Danson, Code9Help’s Marketing and Sales Director says the innovation is to tackle the security crisis and response to emergencies in Africa. It’s more like a duplicate of the 911 service available in the United States of America. Many disasters can be avoided if the service were in place; in the absence of this, however, this will be a useful tool for the security agency and individuals who will find themselves in ugly situations that need immediate attention.

Now available in Ghana and Nigeria, the app will help the countries minimise the crime rate. Not only this, ugly situations like fire outbreak and medical crises will receive an immediate response no matter the time of the day as Duke Danson says:

Code9Help is the smart app that guarantees you help anytime you are in trouble

It is quite a relief how technology can bring solutions to almost any challenge. The GPS installed in your device will make the search hassle-free. This comes at a crucial time when the issue of kidnap has been on the rise. With a smartphone, you can be confident to the extent so long as you can click the button to raise an alarm. Here’s what the alarm will do: it will alert the police station nearest to the location in time of danger; it will alert your doctor and family members in case of a medical problem.

The app is available on Google Play Store. If you live in Nigeria or Ghana, you should download the app to guard yourself against crimes like kidnapping and robbery. Stay safe!

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