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Conversation Topics From Facebook Helps You Break The Conversation Ice In Messenger


Clever indeed, Facebook Messenger now suggests “conversation topics” to you just in case you don’t know what to chat about with your Messenger contacts.

These conversation tips which Facebook gives to you are based on the activities of your friends on the social media network like their status, planned events and just what they seem to be saying lately.

This new feature was first posted by Chris Messina who went on to post his discovery on Twitter. By the way, he didn’t say anything about whether he had seen any such feature in the Messenger for Android app.

But before you think this is some sort of exclusive feature, we hear that Facebook is testing the feature which is why only select users can see it for now in the app.

The new feature appears under you’re a friend’s name and to the right of the screen is your Messenger activity indicator which shows the last time someone was online.

Facebook Messenger app has now crossed the 1 billion mark and Facebook wants more people using it even they are not on Facebook. The idea to open up the app as a regular IM app while forcing all mobile users to use it for messaging has really seen the app grow astronomically.

With Conversation Topics, Facebook wants to make it easier for you to make start conversations and really it’s just like real life scenarios where you have to start conversations sometimes based on the current status and predicaments.

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