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Coollink Launches New Satellite Broadband Internet Service, ‘Asta’ To Wade Off Other Competitors


A few weeks back, an internet service provider partnered with Facebook to launch Express Wi-Fi to make to make internet connection affordable and accessible across Nigeria. Now, it has decided to contribute its quota to achieving the 30% broadband penetration in the country by 2018. Coollink has recently announced a new satellite broadband internet service.

Shahin Nouri, the Chief Executive Officer, Coollink says the new service takes its name ‘Asta’ from Denmark, meaning ‘star’. According to him, the newly launched product is unique in its limitless coverage. Unlike the common challenge with telecom operators whose services cannot cover a large portion of the country, Mr. Nouri says Asta ‘covers all over Nigeria so you can have high-speed broadband anywhere in the country’.

He explained further that the increased broadband will pave the way for more job opportunities for those who wish to be gainfully employed, a better internet access for those who wish to be remotely efficient, such as the freelancers and bloggers and will provide rural areas with eLearning platforms. Small and medium enterprises are not left out. These, too will obviously experience a growth in the expansion of customer base among numerous other benefits.

It’s no longer news that several developed countries have leveraged on mobile broadband to boost their economic development. Therefore, this new launch is presented as an excellent opportunity for every business owner or individual to reap the benefits of productivity improvements that wouldn’t have been possible without a quality internet service. This is what Abdurrahman Mubi, the Senior Technical Manager at Coollink meant when he emphasized that the new service is designed to meet the needs of Nigerian consumers as it is widely covered across the states of Nigeria. Offering a speed of 20Mbps, data rollover, and free night zone, the new service will ‘provide a better satellite broadband experience that is customised for the region’, he said.

The technical manager also noted that it received a welcoming feedback which has encouraged the Internet Service Provider to work more efficiently to address each need accordingly. He said:

The feedback received from consumers during the soft launch period has been highly positive and encouraging. Several clients have already replaced their terrestrial service with Asta due to the high speed, consistency and reliability it offers.’

To ensure that it meets the increasing demand of consumers, the Service Delivery Manager noted that the ISP has been registered nationwide and across the continent to make its service available to all.

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