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Covid-19 And Remote Work: How Tech Salaries Have Been Impacted By The New Normal


Although 2020 has been a tough year for every sector around the globe, the general consensus is that the tech industry is not only surviving but thriving. The demand for tech professionals has significantly increased these days. This is because remote workers were the only ones that could help companies move forward. 

Working from home has been a dream come true for many tech employees. However, it might not seem that attractive in the next few years. Today, world-class companies are taking new action, and tech salaries will be affected. If you want to understand how remote work has changed tech wages during Covid-19, read on!

Remote Work and Remote Learning: a Threat for US Employees?

Since more education companies are offering online courses to help unskilled employees get into the game, tech organizations are considering hiring tech workers outside the US. Tech employees in countries like Mexico and India generally expect a lower salary than a US worker. In that case, companies can find the right candidate for less money.

On the other hand, US tech companies might also start adjusting the salaries of remote workers. For example, an employee who wants to keep a full-time remote position may experience a pay cut. Those who don’t take the pay cut will probably be let go. After all, tech talent outside the US is now real and employers will probably just hire an employee outside the US.

Racial and Gender Bias

For many years, people have ignored the existence of the wage gap. But, Hired’s 2020 State of Salary report has proved that it’s real. Black tech professionals are offered lower salaries than other tech employees. For example, on average, a Black tech professional is offered $134,000 per year in the US. However, a white tech professional is offered $144,000 for the same position. This is a $10,000 difference between Black tech employees and their white counterparts.

Additionally,  Hired’s 2020 Wage of Inequality report has shown the existence of a gender wage gap. Sixty percent of surveyed women found out that they were paid less than their peers of another gender. The wage gap has also impacted the expectations of tech employees. For example, over 60 percent of women ask for a lower salary than men with the same role and skills. In other words, a female data scientist expects a lower salary than a male professional. 

Hired’s reports show how existing diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives aren’t having a meaningful impact and there’s a lot of work to do. Although the lack of transparency is affecting salaries in the tech sector, starting a tech career is still a great alternative to find stable employment in 2020. For that reason, if you want to learn new tech skills, you should visit Bootcamp Rankings. Here, you will find a useful list of the best coding bootcamps in the market. 

Employee Retention: a New Challenge for Employers?

Remote work has changed employees’ expectations and companies will start to suffer if they don’t embrace the new normal. Over 50 percent of survey tech workers want to be in the office at least two or three days a week. Therefore, employers must offer very flexible schedules if they want to meet tech workers’ needs. 

Most tech professionals wouldn’t take a pay cut to get a full-time remote position. But, since several companies offer in-office perks, some tech employees do expect added compensation equal to on-site perks. Hired’s State of Salaries report shows that most tech workers feel comfortable working from home. Nonetheless, they want the best of both worlds. This has forced employers to think outside the box and go the extra mile to meet tech employees’ requirements. 


Remote work is here to stay but, unfortunately, it may not have a positive impact on the growth of tech salaries. However, in the following years, more companies will invest in emerging tech inventions because they have become indispensable in the workplace. In that case, if you want to have a better lifestyle and improve your work-life balance, don’t hesitate to start a tech career in software engineering. After all, these professionals are in-demand and know how to build the best digital solutions.

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