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Why Are Most Businesses Dropping These Crucial Website Elements?


Several web owners usually focus on creating stunning designs that focus on luring visitors, forgetting they also require crucial information on how to navigate or communicate with their target customers. There are complicated decisions or needs in any organization that the web designers have no idea. Instead, they choose to ignore to add when building marketing sites or the internal web application. Although every business strives for success and beauty of a site when looking for website design, it is prudent to consider attraction and effectiveness.  They should also consider the website to achieve high performance, branding, navigation and analytics.

In making good results from your designs, there is a need to implement appropriate principles that are in line with technology which forms the foundation for every website. Below are some of the design elements that you should when designing a business platform.  

Conversion-centric design

In this you design by removing everything that alters your online visitors, then you will have optimized your platform for conversions. It is achievable using different designs inclusive;

  • Directional cues- you can choose to use animations, bright colors, icons, and images that attract attention to a particular element of the website.
  • The Z pattern and the F pattern layouts- most of the visitors on a website usually scan through the content rather than reading to capture the information. They do the scanning in two shapes either in F or Z. research from the online details to determine which of the two methods is suitable to use.
  • Decreasing choices- it is a psychological fact that various options make people indecisive and fail to make the right decisions. When employing more than three choices, put the rest on the following page to avoid overwhelming the visitor.
  • Measure everything- it is important to note that you have done all the measurements, unlike when you are backed up by figures, or qualitative data, the opinions should never cause changes for your platform.

The designs that are conversion-oriented has a huge impact on the firm’s bottom-line. It is essential for keeping people engaged in the business site if you want success.

Balancing goals and UX

It is essential to balance between the business goals and the user experience. If you aim at guiding a user in clicking the buying link, then UX supersedes your goals in business. To make this effective, all the stakeholders should give their suggestions and concern concerning the design of the website. It is the websites that are supposed to take care of the business agenda but having a poor UX will weaken the goals of the business if it brings about credibility issues.

Information architecture

The structure of your business plays a significant role in determining the visitors interact with it. The structure of the web comes from how it has relayed information on your website pages. The best data structure offering extensive categories at the top that opens up contracted options as the newcomer in the site will click through a primary hierarchical structure. Provide information that is easier to navigate and understand with a few clicks. Most of the popular websites designs structures consist of:

  • Topic
  • Hierarchical
  • Sequential
  • Alphabetical
  • Matrix


Mobile responsiveness should always click in the mind of a website designer, especially now that Google depends on it to rank the sites. Note that Google has begun penalizing all the sites that are displaying their interstitial Ads that appear in the desktops and mobile devices. Other issues that may cause penalties by Google are the unplayable videos and the sites with poor performance. The responsive websites lessen the work of the user to access the information. It is because they can check information from their mobile devices, considering that the structure of the site corresponds to the one on the desktops. Otherwise, the information and design should fit all the sizes of the screens without distortion.

Modern design practices

Even when you have an effective website that is delivering the agenda of the company, it is good to follow the current web design trends, and it is doing wonders in UX. A good thing about the new trends is that they are very powerful when it comes to influencing a visitor’s perception of how a si2te should appear. Notably, the credibility of a website is 75% based on aesthetics as studied in past research. By using the trendy modern designs, you tell the user that you are well-updated of the current issues which help in building trust and credibility. You can attain this through employing stylish typography, present images and layout.


The design of your website determines its success. But one mistake that most of the businesses tend to make is exaggerating on the beautiful and stunning visuals. In most instances they forget to concentrate on the agenda of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to balance all the design elements that will attract the sales of the company. That is the only thing that I can consider as effective web design.


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Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at NamanModi.com, He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

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