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Launch An On-demand Delivery App With These Incredible Business Ideas


On-demand businesses have hit almost all business verticals by storm, and customers are spoilt for choice with several app businesses available on the market to meet their rising demand. Everything has now been delivered to the doorsteps of the customers, ranging from foods, groceries to marijuana. And many services can be availed with just a few taps on their smartphones, including ride-hailing, salon services, massage services, etc.

As reported by Statista, approximately US$3.5 billion were spent on eCommerce in the year 2019, and this amount is expected to reach US$6.5 billion in 2023.

Thus, companies are taking their existing businesses on-demand or setting up their own on-demand app businesses to earn their share of the revenue in the ever-evolving on-demand sector. It has led to the development of an app for everything and anything that can be taken on-demand to ease the lives of end-users.

With many businesses going on-demand, there are still a few business verticals that are left without complete analysis for their opportunities to go on-demand. If you are looking to start your own on-demand delivery app business but do not know which sector to dive in, don’t worry. This writeup has touched the business opportunities that are not fully explored by the current on-demand market. You can go for one that suits you and create a delivery app that caters to the needs of millions of users.

Uber for pharmacy delivery

In today’s world, many people stay alone away from their loved ones. In such cases, they are left with no one to take care of them when they fall sick. Also, some people might forget one or two medicines among a list of things to buy. They might find it challenging to travel again to purchase the needed medicines. Delivering required medication in these situations will be of great help to them. Also, a delivery app is a great way to take your pharmacy business to digital space.

Essential features to include in a medicine delivery app


Medicines search
The users should be given an option to search for medicines by their names, salt composition, or even by the diseases it treats.

Tips from experts
A separate section that advises your users will solve their doubts, helping them to a great extent.

Upload prescriptions

The users should have an option to upload their prescriptions before ordering their medicines. It helps to prevent fraudulent activities and the illegal purchase of medicines.

Product comparison
Medicines provided by different brands will be of different prices. So, have an option to compare prices of medicines that have similar compositions. It helps the users to make informed decisions.

Uber for fuel delivery

We might have come across situations where our cars run out of fuel, and there won’t be a fuel station nearby. In such a scenario, we are left with no choice but to wait for our friends or family members to come to help us. Delivering fuel to such people in need is a great business idea to consider, and it will be extremely convenient for them.

Features to consider in a fuel delivery app

Location detection
Integrate Google Maps or Apple Maps or other reliable location services into the app for identification of the users’ location with accuracy.

Fuel request
The users should be able to request fuel by filling details such as the vehicle type, the fuel type, and the liters of fuel needed.

Real-time tracking
The users should be given an option to track the delivery personnel and the time needed for them to reach the destination.

Uber for construction material delivery

It is a great idea to consider if you run a construction material supply service. Many times, companies run out of materials to get the construction work completed. You can cater to this shortage by supplying construction materials as per their needs.

Features for a construction material delivery app


Product search
The users should be able to search for products by the product name or brands with convenience.

Provide information
The users should be provided with details such as brand, price, delivery time, and cost before placing their order, helping them make better decisions.

Real-time tracking
Once the order is placed, the users should receive ETA details, along with an option to track their shipments.

Multiple apps in a single platform

If you wish to integrate multiple on-demand services, including the above ones, into a single app, Gojek clone app is the perfect solution. The Gojek clone is an application that can bring any number of apps under one roof, ranging from grocery delivery to construction material delivery.

By offering multiple services in a single platform, there are higher chances for you to succeed in the on-demand sector. If you want to have a rising hand in the thriving on-demand industry, take a shot at Gojek clone apps.

Author Bio

Jennifer is a business advisor and strategist for Appdupe. She effectively helps new startups and tech companies to achieve their full potential with her unconventional marketing strategies. On a normal day you can find her on a public speaking on how startups can achieve success with a marketing plan.

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