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Dell Technologies Partner With TD Africa To Launch A Technology Center In Nigeria


Dell Technologies plans to unveil a Tech Experience Centre in Lagos, Nigeria. To establish this ambitious project, A Director in the American multinational computer technology company Nicholas Travers sets to partner with TD Africa to create that bridge to the next evolution of science and technology, empowering millions of lives in Africa.

The Director of Dell Technologies, Central and West Africa said the Tech Experience Center will be launched on October 1 (Nigeria’s Independence Day) and the project is expected to save the huge capital flight thereby simultaneously boosting technology in Nigeria and by extension Africa.

The TD Africa is a Sub-Saharan African tech company that recently partnered with Dell Technologies with the objectives of re-branding lifestyle and technology solutions distribution across the African region set to host the tech center. Consorting to what Travers said, the Tech Experience Centre project serves more purpose than just technology and poses as an exhibition of cutting-edge technologies Dell Technologies is bringing to the table.

Nicolas Travers said that “We believe the Tech Experience Centre will help reduce the decision-making cycle and save huge costs and time of traveling to locations outside our continent to visit and experience these technologies at work. This is a fantastic initiative by TD Africa, perhaps the first of its kind in the region, and we are proud to be part of it,”

‘‘The launch of the Experience Centre will support technology growth in Nigeria and the West African region. Also, it provides a fantastic platform for Dell Technologies to showcase the very many technologies we offer,”

Nicolas Travers also said that the Nigerian Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Isa Ali Pantami, is envisioned to commission the establishment of the new Tech Experience Centre, with the facility equipped to be the first of its kind in entire Africa.

The Dell executive said that the objective to launch the Tech Experience Center in Nigeria is to visualize the quality of the latest technologies, and Travers promises Africa to experience the next-gen technology at the Tech Experience Center.

The multinational computer technology company partners with the Nigerian tech industry to unveil the Tech Experience Center as proof of the manifestation of quality technologies that can be easily managed by corporate, small, and medium business owners. The consortium of both parties also includes the public sector as potential users of the new Tech Experience Center set to be opened in Nigeria.

As of September 7, 2016, Dell also acquired storage giant EMC back in 2016 in a major tech deal , which was actually described as the biggest tech merger and acquisition at the time and Dell had said the deal was at the heart of its technology transformation agenda. Furthermore, the merger between the two companies served as the company leading other companies in the tech industry to access next-gen technology. So, the new Tech Experience Center will very likely bring Dell’s technologies closer to enter4ises across Nigeria with the primary aim of showcasing Nigerian and African technologies to the world. EMC has huge clientele base in Nigeria across the public and private sectors but Dell laptops s=not so much especially because of costs that have jumped sharply partly due to the weakening Naira exchange rates vis a vis other major currency of the world.

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