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Top 12 Mobile Apps For Dental Students


ADA CDT Code Check App

American Dental Association (ADA) started this app to help dentists to get procedure codes instantly on their mobile devices.The app includes several up-to-date CDT Codes,15 new dental procedure codes, 5 revised procedure codes, and 4 deleted codes.

The codes are available in three categories: code number, keyword, and type of service. You can add often used codes in Favorites to get these codes quickly. It is a free app on iOS and Android devices.


iStudent MCQ

This is an excellent gamify app created by a student at King’s Dental Institute. This app helps students to pass the examination.

This app includes many questions in different categories with high-quality images and timer. This is a great learning app for dental students.



DDS GP is the best app which was created to help dental professionals to explain the treatment plans to the patients and give the complete information of needed treatment.

The app includes a list of presentations of all topics in dentistry. Dentists can show diseases and treatments to their patients by this app. TAP to show the decay, cracks, periodontal disease, and various other diseases. It is a paid app.


Vitalsource Bookshelf

It is the best app for dental students to keep their textbooks in a place. With the help of this app, you can read your book online or offline.

You can also create your notes and highlights the words or lines with different colors to help in the study. More you can also enlarge the diagrams or pictures.


Dental Expert

Dental expert is another great dental app. It describes the dental problems and gives information for good dental habits.

It describes various dental treatments and also answers frequent questions about dental treatment, care, and problems.

With the help of this app, a patient can easily understand what the problem is and the solution to the problem and recovery time.


Dentistry ProConsult

Dentistry ProConsult is a best and easy app created for dental students. This app gives step-by-step guidance for any procedure to the dental students. It is a free app.


My Dental Clinic App

My Dental Clinic is a very helpful app for the dentist to their patients and clinic. Dentists use this app to keep their patient’s record, dental charts, appointments, personal information, and notes.

This app is also useful to keep a record of patient payments, view, and store dental images. Even dentists can call or send SMS to their patients by this app. This is a free app on Android and iOS.



It is also a very helpful app for students. Students can record and write their notes at the same time by this app. This is the best way to record your lectures. But it is only

available for Apple users.



Tooth Morphology is a great app and created by Sheffield dentistry students. Essential Anatomy 3 in play store(Android) and Essential Anatomy 5 in the app store(IOS) these both are the same app.

dCStory: Patient Education is one of the best apps for dentists. Suturing Techniques Videos is a paid iOS app.


In The End

Much thanks for ending with us and for your time. Hope you like this article here you get different apps for dental students. Kindly share this article with other students who also need these apps. Before leaving the page, share your info with us so comment below.

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