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Developers Are Already Using The iPhone X’s True Depth Camera For Face Capture Apps



iPhone X will have some potential impact on most future apps as developers are busy , trying to come up with apps that can be used to create virtual effects through the true depth camera system on the device.

According to a post by Tumblr today , a Taiwanese visual effects artist, Elisha Hung at Moonshine Animations , a company which produced Asus and MSI, used the iPhone X camera to capture his face then used an Xcode and Apple’s new Augmented reality framework, ARkit which will fetch data and then transform its image into 3D. The result from the test carried out by Elisha was a floating head with holes for the eyes and a mouth that’s winks into space. These is a peak into the future for face mapping apps as more developers will make use of Apple’s facial recognition technology. 

Another example of the test run using  the Apple facial recognition technology was carried by Brad Dawyer , a founder of the game company Hatchlings , he  used the Apple true Depth camera to capture his face and turn it into a 3D print after collecting raw data from the iPhone X facial recognition tech , he posted his result on his Twitter account for his followers to see that the iPhone X features can be used for so much more than just unlocking the device .

These results carried out will serve as an avenue for developers to come up with more face mapping Apps that will add more spice to the iPhone X device.

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