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How To Know If Your Device Has A Virus


Devices and technology today are growing to be extremely sophisticated and helpful in our everyday tasks. Unfortunately, the improvements in software in these devices also coincide with the unfortunate development of sophisticated viruses that can harm our devices. If viruses compromise our devices, it can pose danger to our files and private data.

Dealing with viruses tend to be resolved by just deleting pesky applications or installing a good anti-virus. However, diagnosis is just as important as cure, as this will help us find preventive measures to avoid risking our device’s (and our data’s) safety when dealing with viruses.

Here are some tips you should follow to check if your device has a virus, and what you can do about it.



Your Bills

Let’s begin with the aspect of device safety that can lead the most damage: your bills. Using mobile apps that are complex yet very handy can help us in a lot of ways. Of course, some of these apps have premium versions that we tend to want to pay for. Given that money really is becoming a commodity that is hard to earn, we try to keep our transactions minimal. This is why we tend to avoid the extremely expensive apps and try to use cheaper alternatives. On an equal level, this is also why it’s very concerning when we get bills of apps and services we didn’t purchase. Sadly, if this is the case, we might be dealing with a virus.

  • If you have bills you haven’t heard of from services, you might be dealing with a virus.
  • If your bills are getting much higher thanks to data that you’re not using, then chances are you might be dealing with a virus as well.


Your Applications

Your applications or apps are the bread and butter of your smartphone and your devices. After all, what’s a device if you don’t have apps to aid you with your day to day affairs? Be it a game or an actual software for work, or a chat application, apps are relevant to help make our lives easier and be more connected with the rest of the world. Of course, apps aren’t as useful when they get iffy and stop on us all of a sudden. Unfortunately, more frequent instances of these do tend to be signs of a virus lurking about.

  • Check if your applications or apps are crashing all of a sudden. You can notice something’s wrong if even small apps are taking too long to load or function.
  • Check if there are unwanted and unknown applications in your phone. If you think an application is familiar but don’t remember downloading it, that might be a virus.


Your Hardware

Your device’s hardware is the one thing that keeps everything together, so you know that when your hardware is broken, fixing it and replacing them are both equally expensive things to avail. This is why we take good care of our devices from the inside out. Viruses, unfortunately, don’t have any discretion as to what part of our devices they’re infecting. The very bad viruses can actually harm our hardware.

  • If your battery is being drained faster even though you’re not doing anything, you might have a virus with you.
  • Try checking this if your battery drains at a much faster rate even without features such as Wi-Fi, data, or hotspot turned on.



In today’s digital society, it’s important to make sure all our devices are safe from any form of

circumstance that can ruin our experiences with them. This is much more important if the devices we use actually hold sensitive information, or data we need to use for work and school.

Protecting our devices from viruses can spell the difference between having our information compromised or not. Unfortunately, attacks on various companies and websites lately have proven that we should be more vigilant when it comes to protecting our devices from pesky viruses.

This is why it’s important not only to know how viruses work, but to see if your device has a virus. The BuzzTech tips above are just some of the ways you could use to identify whether your device has a threat that must be quarantined and purged, as it’s important to contain the virus and destroy it before it ruins your device.


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Rhett McGuinness is the owner of BuzzTech. A leading specialist of phone and tablet repairs in Victoria. With 3 stores and more on the way, the team at Buzztech offers on the spot repairs in 5-15 minutes. With their HQ in Geelong Victoria, Rhett is opening more stores all around Regional Victoria and is dedicated to delivering the best repair service in his industry.

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