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Here Are 5 Must Have Apps For Dog Owners


Presently, almost everyone has a dog in their home because they are favorable over other pets. However, some homes have multi-pets which is also an excellent choice if you are financially well supported.

Here are 5 apps given below which will help you manage your Lovely Dog’s health and training better. 


iClicker app is used for training your pets and fixing behavioral issues. As you can tell by its name, one of its features contains clicker as a training method. As we all know treats and clickers have been a useful method in training any puppy. There are not one but many different types of interesting click and treat features you can choose from and most of all you can do all these for free. 

Pet first aid 

Per First Aid application comes with 0.99 $ cost and is available on both android and iOS. This app is used when you want to know any veterinary care for your dog. It will guide you step by step in any medical condition and how to treat your dog in critical scenes. This app is fantastic when there is any emergency situation. Other than that you can also get a list of preventative care once you input all the symptoms your dog is having. 

Dog Training and clicker app 

This app is for Android users who have a dog they want to train. This application not only provides clicker training methods but also helps potty-train them. Clicker will make your training time 40 percent less than it used to be with other techniques. You can also video record your pup’s performance and send it to the professionals to get feedback. This app helps you to get two in one feature so that you  don’t need to use multiple apps. 


If you want to contact your nearest best pet care services then this app is for you. With this, your pet life will be more easy to manage and you can also book an appointment 24/7. You will easily manage to find the best pet care providers within your locality. You can also write any notes, reminders and to do lists so that this app will notify you of any important events that you don’t want to forget / miss. Veterinary, daycare or grooming facilities can be found via PetDesk. 

11Pets – pet care 

With the help of 11 pets you can monitor your pet’s health and you can get any kind of medical help with this also. You can put reminders and appointment dates there so that you do not forget your duties. It has over 50 features to hell you which is why his app is preferred by 1 million people. Overall this app does not charge you anything so you get the best of everything without a price. You do not have to be online to check your activities, offline managements are also available in this application. You can also monitor  your pet’s grooming care via this. 

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