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Here’s How Drones Are Changing Our Lives And Making It Easier!


Drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), are aircrafts that are not operated by a human pilot who is aboard. They are one of the components in Unnamed Aircraft System (UAS). UAS includes a controller on the ground, the drone and a system of communication between the two.

Due to expansion of the range of uses of drones, the drone industry has been growing at an extremely fast rate. Drones are employed for variety of reasons. The range of usage varies from nation’s safety to taking aerial shots for a movie. Thoughts are also been given on replacing delivery boys with drones. Soon all your packages might be delivered to your doorsteps by company drones. If you are thinking about getting your hands on one, then there are a few well-known places to buy drone in Australia. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions is definitely one of them. They are one of the largest drone and DJI (Dà-Jiāng Innovations) distributors in Australia.

Various uses of drones

In this fast changing world, people are using science and technology to make our lives all the more easier. Expanding the usage of drone (from what it was traditionally used for) can be game changing. Rise Above Custom Drone Solutions has a large range of high-quality drones including DJI inspire. Here are the various uses of drones:

  • Precision farming: Precision agriculture is a process by which cultivators optimize the usage of inputs like water, pesticides and fertilizers. This helps them to enhance yield, quality of crops and productivity. It also involves reducing pests and diseases by targeting a particular extent of land and applying required amount of pesticides.  Precision farming requires latest technologies like GPS, satellite imagery, information technology etc. Drones allow farmers to closely monitor livestock and crop conditions to spot problems that might go unnoticed on ground level checks.
  • Humanitarian aid and disaster relief: Drones have become crucial for managing disasters.  During disasters, connectivity in form of roads and communication, are lost completely. Drones are used to capture images of the area struck by disasters. These images capture the extent of loss and sufferings, according to which the emergency services are provided. The pictorial depictions of the devastation also allow the relief agencies to allocate money based on that. Drones can easily reach difficult terrain and can be used to supply medicines, food, and first aid.
  • Helping construction and insurance industries: Nowadays the extremely high-quality pictures captured by drones help the insurance companies in various ways. Insurers can quickly gather extremely accurate property data which allow them to easily identify potential risks of a property. Images taken by drones of a disaster struck area can be used by insurance sectors to get an idea about the extent of damage. Drones are also being used in the construction sector. They help the developer to remain well updated about the construction status. This in turn allows them to save manpower and money.
  • Ocean mapping: Ocean covers 97% of the earth’s surface. Thus, about 85% of ocean’s surface still remains unexplored and unmapped. Imageries by drones are helping a lot to bridge this gap. Gas and Oil industries can benefit a lot from drones in this case. These companies can make the use of captured data to make plans and execute deep water drilling operation, offshore exploration etc.

These are a few points that clearly bring out the extensive and crucial uses of drones in today’s time. Thus, there is no doubt on the fact that drones have made our lives much easier. It has helped the mankind to attain the impossible.

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