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Dropbox Launches “Education” Service With Up To 15GB Storage For Students


Dropbox; the file sharing, storage and syncing company has announced a new service it calls Dropbox Education. According to the company, over 4000 educational institutions use Dropbox worldwide so why not create a service unique to this group of users? That’s exactly what they’ve done with this new service which comes with admin permissions.

The new service will cost $49/10,000 Naira/5,000 KES per year per user and this offer is only what it is when you have a minimum of 300 users. Services of this nature are not unique to Dropbox. LinkedIn recently launched a standalone app for students with the aim of connecting students to the right employers in  addition to a streamlined feed of research journals. Dropbox Business which is a similar service that offers unlimited storage space starts from $15/3,000 Naira/1,500 KES per month and now has about 150,000 paying customers according to tech news site VentureBeat.

As for the students package, there’s a discount that comes with a higher volume of users. Dropbox Education offers teams a pooled amount of storage space depending on their team size. Teams of 300 users or more get 15 GB of shared storage space for each user, or 4.5 TB on a pooled basis. If you need more space, or would like to better understand the current Dropbox usage on your domain says the post by Dropbox.

Universities across Nigeria and indeed Africa should begin to migrate school-student activities to the cloud. Besides some modern day higher institutions, many others still use the paper system which is not entirely safe. Students should be able to access information online and store their course materials in the cloud. This can even go a step further to allow them submit these course works online to eliminate some of the  human errors which are prevalent in many of our universities.

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