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Dropbox Enables It Password Manager For Its Free Users


…free users are limited to 50-passwords.

Dropbox’s traditional cloud-based storage as a service and file-sharing was upgraded with an interesting tweak exclusively for its premium users in 2020 — a password management feature that also serves as a third-party service on other web browser platforms.

Although Dropbox password management is not a new feature on the storage company, still the company announced that it is no longer exclusive for its paying users — by April Dropbox’s free basic users will have access to its password management services. The free basic users utilizing Dropbox’s password manager are limited to save up to 50 passwords.

According to critics and app specialists familiar with Dropbox’s latest tweak, they believe the cloud-based storage company is trying to persuade its basic users to purchase its new high-end product instead of its entire user-base should access the complete function of managing passwords.

However, Dropbox intends to rival other companies that originally offer password management as a service. For contrast, LastPass’s basic free users are now limited to manage their device passwords, whereas their users are reportedly seeking alternatives turning towards Dropbox that also allows its users to sync their passwords across three other devices, including its other cloud-based services.

Just like Dropbox and LastPass that limited their free users to access their services — they all function as a web browser extension on both desktop and mobile devices such as Linux, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Android. Although, other companies like Bitwarden still offer unlimited access to manage passwords.

Conforming to app specialist that believes that Dropbox password limit will be difficult to manage for users who have several passwords linked to their activities online. Meanwhile, a user that maintains a consistent day-to-day presence online is expected to have hundreds of passwords managed by third-party services.

App specialists noted that it will cost the cloud-based storage company fewer expenses if they had allowed times ten of password limits — for contrast, storing videos that worth multiple gigabytes should be Dropbox’s selling point rather than charge users for storing passwords that are saved as texts on its cloud-drive.

In a nutshell, Dropbox users utilizing its free service to store other types of files, millions of passwords saved on its cloud-drive can’t exceed the size of other types of files. Still, Dropbox functions on proper business tactics, whereby their new feature poses as improved password security for existing users.

“We’re confident that 50 passwords will suit most users on our Dropbox Basic plan,” according to Dropbox’s comment, their password manager exists. “For those who need more, we have a number of other plan options to suit various needs and individual, family, or professional situations.”

Dropbox service charge varies according to the subscribed plan — its Plus account costs $11.99 per month while its Professional account costs $19.99 per month. The cloud-based storage company noted that they will add another nice tweak that allows users to share a password with other accounts or platforms.

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