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Ten Great Tips To Earn More With Your Android App


We’re going to announce good news to you, the good news is your best news. Yes, this is true. We’ll go to let you know how much you earn from your Android app. How to upload or list your app and how to earn money, you do not need a particular need to earn. Today we want to explain more about how Admob uses its work and how to use it in various forms to make your Android app more out of it.

Admob and how it works

AdMob is a Google Share Partnership program. You are running behind various banner ads that you sometimes see. AdMob usually provides streamlined revenue for the channel for worldwide advertising purposes. Make sure that the banner space application will completely fill viewers with full style ads. The use of banner advertising is common, helping to provide free revenue streams for the purpose of the application, to help provide free application without destroying the application experience.

Banner ads are arranged to be placed at the top or top of the top and appear or appear when the whole size appears. AdMob ads are responsive as well. If you click on the ad, the screen of any mobile device applies to any laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

How much Banner ads can be earned?

The answer to this question is difficult, but we will try to answer it because it depends on how long a piece of the string is. Using more views or apps you can make money. It’s easy. The application is also used and the best ratings you receive, resulting in you earn higher revenue. It also has the time spent for your Android app as well as for the purpose of filter ads appearing in your application, and there are more changes to use than a thousand answers. Let’s look at the 10 best tips to earn more in the Android app are:

  • Learn more about the buyer of the application
  • Consider the best subscription model
  • Evaluation of application increases as much as possible
  • Try to reach the audience around the world
  • Upgrade your app for the game
  • Use the Freemium Model
  • Try it out in the application campaign
  • Create multiple apps for advertising
  • Promote your apps
  • Create your own tablets or tablets in a good way

 To make sure you are participating in good, fast and efficient ways with your audience, want to learn what to do or what you want to do to increase criticisms and review options. It brings your attention to Google’s attention, but your use also provides attention, which is the only thing your money can earn. The likelihood of your application is to increase people’s attention and focus more on downloading it. Therefore, wage growth for the highest quality advertising.

Did you make money by clicking on your banner ads or click on them?

Since there is no clear answer to this question, the advertiser’s ads or ads may be based on the advertiser’s ads. Advertiser sells ads for prices and does not have real answers than displaying advertisements about how much advertisements are more dependent on your audience than ads and use. Admob should explain this:

Advertisers will work in CPM ads, which pay money to pay advertisements every time they decide the price preference for 1,000 ads.

As a publisher, you will see service and customer for your Android app for CPM ads that earn revenue each time. The CPM statement fits against the CPC, ie the price paid to the advertiser auction. We’ll show you the earnings that earn higher returns for you. Generally, sometimes clicks and fees payments are high, Pay per Click or PPC will bring more revenue. For all, a typical user will need to click on the other user, while the user normally needs something.

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