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Educational Apps for Kids: Education is Fun!


So, your children hate studying and love their smartphone? If you’re a parent, this is most likely the case. But why not bring the two together? In fact, teaching them to use smart gadgets at an early age can be useful in their development. There are many interesting and above all useful educational apps out there that will make your kid more prepared for their school days, as well as keep their little brains constantly working. Here are some useful educational apps for kids.

First Letters and Phonetics

This game features sleek graphics and two original alphabet songs, composed by a popular children’s musician, called Debi Derryberry. The songs will have your kids sing about letters and shapes and the app itself features sounds of letters and words that begin with each one.

Intro to Math

Math can be fun and, even more importantly, extremely useful. But math is also considered boring by a vast majority of kids, usually due to the fact that it’s not being taught properly in schools. Although the app in itself will appear distracting even for you, on account of its beautiful graphic design, it will do wonders for your kids. Your child will get to learn how to read and write 1-digit numbers, to sequence them, to tell odds from evens and even to solve some problems.

Kids Money

On the previous note of math, one of the most common uses of this science is for counting money and knowing your budget. Kids Money is an app that will allow your kid to get introduced to the practical aspect of mastering math and numbers, in general. There is nothing that kids hate more than not understanding why they have to do certain things – which is exactly why this app is so beneficial. Kids Money works by having your kid make a list of things they want and how much these things cost. Then, they enter their weekly allowance, so as to determine how much they’ll have to wait before getting those things.


Scratch is among the first programming languages, designed for ages 8 – 16. The language is visually based and in it students use a visual programming language, by dragging bricks to the workspace in order to animate sprites. There’s a variety of bricks that trigger loops, create variables and, most importantly, initiate interactivity.

Daycare App

Every parent worries about their kid, especially while they’re not by their side, which is exactly what makes leaving your child in daycare is so difficult. To tackle this, Early Learning Centre has come up with an app that sends daily updates about your child by means of a modern app. There’s nothing that parents value more than knowing that their kid is well.

Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs

As adults, we all love Britannica and now, your kids will begin to fall in love too – with Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs, your kids will learn about a variety of dinosaur species, about their evolution and, finally, about their extinction. Memory matching games, puzzles, etc. are all parts of this neat learning app – all based on the school curriculum.

Britannica Kids: Solar System

Much like the app mentioned above, Britannica Kids: Solar System is based on school curriculum and covers all the basics of our solar system. The app contains a ton of neat graphics and videos, featuring: planets, comets and asteroids, sun and the basics of gravity.

Somewhere along the line of history, the idea of school has lost its gist – which is being a fun educational experience. With the help of modern technology, you now get a chance to pour as much knowledge as possible into your kid’s mind, without having to struggle and fight with them. These apps are a blast!

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