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Here Are Top 7 Must-Have Gadgets For Elderly Living Alone


Many seniors will live by themselves – away from friends and families. By living in solitude, an elderly person might feel overwhelmed with loneliness, even though the solitude might reward them with independence and privacy.

In this article, we’ll talk about the 7 must have products that elders must invest in. Not should elders get a lot for their money, but they must also be useful in the long-run. So, let’s check in on the 7 must-haves!

  1. MobileHelp

MobileHelp alert devices help elderly people stay in contact with emergency personnel, if they happen to fall, or suffer from an injury or attack. This allows the elderly and their families to have peace of mind should anything happen. With automatic fall detention, along with state-of-the-art GPS tracking, this medical alert system is ideal for all elderly people living alone at home.

  1. Stair Aid (The Pilot)

The Pilot Step-Up Cane is an innovative way for elderly people to get up and down the stairs with ease, without the fear of falling down and hurting themselves. The stair aid provides half a step to help the elderly easily climb up the stairs. All they have to do is push a button with one foot, and they can get a larger surface area to step on. Once you press a button to get going, another few inch will be added on to the end of the platform.

  1. iRobot Smart Vacuum

No longer are the days where you have to rely on a heavy vacuum cleaner, especially the elderly. Want to vacuum in a simle manner. Then try the iRobot Roomba, which can be linked to Alexa or Google Home, and can be activated with a smart phone.

So, instead of having to bend over backwards to vacuum the floor, use the iRobot Roomba.

  1. GreatCall

Cell phones are still the rage these days, and now, elders are turning to these wireless miracles – yet, some elderly people might not understand how to use a cell phone. Therefore, having a cell phone like GreatCall allows you to stay in touch, order a cab, order takeout, or call for help no matter the situation.

The problem is that many smart phones are just poorly designed for older adults (especially those who might be suffering from poor vision, arthritis, or poor hearing). Plus, some elders would prefer a flip phone with oversized buttons rather than one that’s modern with tiny buttons (or just a touch screen). Why? Because they’re able to use and handle a flip phone with ease.

In addition, phones like GreatCall are enabled with voice-typing, and have a long-lasting battery.

  1. SVINZ Alarm / Day Clocks

Everyone usually has a busy schedule, and so do elderly individuals, since they might have doctor appointments, in-home visits, meetings with friends, church, etc. So, knowing what to do and when is a big part of elders living independently. And with the SVINZ alarm, as well as day clocks, they’re very beneficial for elders with schedules.

These types of alarms and clocks usually have supersized fonts for easy reading; and they tend to clearly display the day of the week, when it’s morning and night, the time of day, and even the day of the month and year. Plus, these alarms and clocks allow elderly individuals (or caretakers) to set the right alarms for the right times (i.e. wake-ups, medication reminders, meal times, etc.).

  1. Clearsounds Telephone

Want to make it easier for your loved ones to stay in touch? Well, you can do that with Clearsounds!

The Clearsounds Telephone is built with the elderly person in mind, with large buttons, volume controls, and an easy-to-read keypad. With these features, it’s no wonder that this product is highly-rated by consumers!

  1. Automatic Shower

With automatic showers, elders can bathe and shower with confidence, without having to second-guess themselves on how to clean themselves. Similar to an actual car wash system, automatic showers should know how much water to distribute, and at what rate. Plus, its unique design allows the elderly and disabled to shower and bathe themselves without any help.


As you can see, by these 7 must-haves, elders who live alone can enjoy their solo lives without living with its burdens. Since the products listed are made with independence in mind, it’s now easy for seniors to improve their quality of life with self-confidence and happiness.

Kristin Herman writes at UK Writings and Academized. She is also a freelance writer for sites, such as Boom essays. As a tech enthusiast, she blogs about latest tech trends. And, as a project manager, she has overseen many writing projects nationwide.

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