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WordPress Site Architecture: 7 Vital Elements Of Building A Modern Business Website


If your business strategy does not involve website creation, then it is incomplete. You must have a great website with some important web design elements.

Do not forget to pay more attention to your website as the unproductive website will only waste your money and time. A website is nothing but a reflection of your business- it is now more than a simple description and listing the address.

These days, the website is meant to convert visitors into potential customers.  Believe it or not- the visitors form an opinion about the website immediately when they land.   Few of them dislike the website and merely in some seconds they bounce back and move to some other website and never return. 

The other side of the coin says that- some of the websites are even eye-catching and information to the extent that it brings back the visitors many times a week.

It might have happened to you as well!! But you did not notice!!

Even it is tough to decide how to differentiate on a great or bad website.  Though, it all depends on the visitors’ point of view. We cannot decide the purpose of the visit, but, what we can do is that we can include all the vital elements on the website. 

To make it easier, we have enlisted the 7 key elements that you should blend into your business website.   Let’s find out below:

We have enlisted the 7 key elements that you should blend into your business website. #wordpress #website https://www.techbooky.com/elements-of-buil…n-wordpress-site/ Click To Tweet

Essential Elements to Consider While Creating the WordPress Site

1. Outline Your Goals

The first and foremost thing here is to set up your website goals. For that, you can make a list of all that you require from your website.

Make the list and answer the below queries:

  • Why is the purpose of this website?
  • Which type of website do you want?
  • What do you need from it?
  • What do you expect from your website?

The above are the queries that will assist you to decide what is required and what not is required on the website. Neglecting all these features will surely lack your focus on developing the best website. Hence, it is one of the most essential steps to take. Though, the answer to these queries might vary from one business requirement to another.

The first and foremost thing here is to set up your website goals. For that, you can make a list of all that you require from your website. #wordpress #website https://www.techbooky.com/elements-of-buil…n-wordpress-site/ Click To Tweet

And, if your business has a marketing plan then even this step could be easier for you. You can answer the queries of your niche market and the aims behind your marketing plans.  In addition to all the above, you should also list the company’s logo, name, niche to create the website from scratch.


2. Backend Infrastructure and Powerful CMS

Though it is possible to build the website without the Content Management System – it can be created with the good old HTML. Though, in this dynamic content age, it is better to get the best Content Management System to create the website quickly and effortlessly. Even the CMS is Magento, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, etc. it does not matter.

Also, it must be known to you that WordPress empowers 35% of all the internet with 60.8% of the market share. And, it is one of the leading CMS in the market.

The updating, performance, and usability of the website are directly related to the web host and Content Management System. Following are the manners in which an expert WordPress customization services providers can emphatically influence the entire usability design process.

Thus, while choosing the website CMS, look after the below things:

  • Content editing should be possible from any device.
  • Having a wide community of the developers and designers to assist you at any time.
  • CMS permitting you to optimize the content for search engines?
  • Is it safe and is it best for preventing the hacking?
  • Does it get updated regularly?
  • Is it best to load the website quickly?


3. Simple Website Navigation and Architecture

Do not confuse your visitors with the messy navigation that lets them visit one webpage after the other.  Make it simple and clear.  It helps the visitors to find out what they are searching for. It is not only about the visitors.  With the simple WordPress site navigation, even the search engines can give indexing to the website pages seamlessly.

Each essential webpage of the great business website should be linked directly to the home page.  Each website page should not be more than two clicks away from the home page. We recommend you to use the Silo architecture of the website. It assists the website in the better organization of the webpages in different categories.


4. Create Your WordPress Site Responsively

Way back, designing the WordPress site for the mobile was seen as a non-productive idea. But, soon after the growth, every other business starts developing the mobile version of their website.

Building an extra website version is a totally redundant and time-consuming task, hence, these versions even succeed to fail the desktop version content.

Talking about this time, it has become the norm to design the responsive design that adjusts itself perfectly in every device. It does not mean that the WordPress site content will lessen, though, it resizes itself according to the device size. Almost 60% of the visitors like to open the website on their mobile phones; that is why popular websites design the website in such a way that it is mobile-ready.

Building an extra website version is a totally redundant and time-consuming task, hence, these versions even succeed to fail the desktop version content. #wordpress #website https://www.techbooky.com/elements-of-buil…n-wordpress-site/ Click To Tweet

Hence, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors, then, you must also choose the mobile version of the website. Every second, 25% of the users are using tablets or smartphones for browsing the web and hence, the website has to be mobile-optimized.


5. Use Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons to Convert Visitors into Customers

What do you think- why do visitors visit your website? To get a solution or to shop. Right? What if you are failing in doing so? Hence, there is a need to know the action and that action must be clear to the visitor. 

Here, CTA buttons come into play. These are the “call now”, “learn more”, and “buy now” buttons or the “Request a quote” or the displayed numbers.  When the visitors visit your WordPress site and are interested in taking services from you, then you should make the purchasing purchase process easy for them. This is possible with the Call to Action button. They hold the capacity to easily convert visitors to conversion or business lead.

The CTA buttons have to be designed in such a way that the visitors while checking out your website seek more information related to the services and products you are dealing with. In this way, you can direct their interest toward your website even if they are not intended to. The engaging CTA button will insist the visitors to either send an inquiry or purchase.

There are many professional web design service providers that include the contact information on the footer or the top right with the quick links to the valuable web content.

“Request a quote” or “Buy Now” button must be stand out and must be visible from the rest of the website content.


6. Content is Important

Content is the center of attraction of every website. All of your efforts are nothing because the content is not able to engage, convince, and educate the visitors.  You might be thinking that your visitors only want to check what your products look like. There is nothing like that- they are interested in the emotions, story, dimension, and senses.

Certainly, the first impression is the last impression. The website’s first job is to attract as many visitors as you can. The content has to be interesting and related to the current scenario that appeals to them. The content should inform them, tell them, tell them journeys, tell them stories, related to the services and products.

Great product descriptions and website copy are an excellent first step, but you would be even smarter to write a blog regularly, create informative and engaging videos about your products or services, and more.

Similarly, only high-quality content can stand the test of time, attract visitors, and make them engaged in your company. Content is a very influential tool for generating potential customers; leverage it to your benefit.


7. Effective Marketing Strategy

It is not always about designing and launching the website, especially for those who have high ambitions. The business web site’s success is more than just an online presence and it mostly depends on the effective marketing strategy.

Several modern marketing methods are there that you can rely on for website success, like social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and pay per click advertising.

You can also leverage Reddit and Quora to provide professional advice and answers to the queries. As per the business requirement, you can secure the best method that can work for your business.

Despite digital marketing, local marketing can also proffer the best and positive results. You can also make them your partners and provide them discounts on the services or products. Also, you can sponsor the local events, there are endless possibilities to take advantage of it. Your business is best known to you; hence you can lock the effective marketing strategies.


Concluding Remarks

That’s all from our side. Making the best WordPress site means boosting their own business. Above, there are seven essential elements that you need to implement while creating the website.

Do not forget to assess the performance and creativity levels on different aspects to establish a strong website presence.

Hopefully, you liked this article. If you have some queries and suggestions related then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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