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Email, SMS, Chatbot – Which Channel Is The Right One For You?


With the advent of the internet, marketing has become a bustling activity. Digital consultants offer a variety of marketing channels for their clients. Staring from Email Marketing Companies to holistic customer service providers, you can find numerous options and services for your business. How to choose the right channel to connect with your customers?

They have to weigh in the pros and cons of different channels. And consider essential criteria such as cost efficiency, market penetration, and competitor strategies. Here we will look at three different channels and see why they are an excellent choice for marketing. You have to choose one depending on the type of business you operate and the type of products and services on offer.


  1. Chatbots 

Chatbots are an excellent marketing tool in the modern world. The interactive format catches the attention of young people and older customers. Moreover, they can talk to the bot without bothering the customer service executives.

Chatbots assist in keeping the business open for 24X7. Small and medium scale enterprises benefit very much from this facility. If you are in a market where 24/7 service is a bare minimum quality, chatbots are the right options. With chatbots, you don’t have to bother about opening and closing hours.

Chatbots are not a one-trick pony by any means. They do not just take in customer’s questions and answer them. You can be set up with a large number of features to assist the buyers. This facility includes making reservations, giving minute details about the business, and placing orders for products.

The difference between a small and large business is trust. Customers are well aware of big brand names and corporations. But when it comes to smaller enterprises, they hesitate and display distrust. In such a situation, the chatbots are a blessing for the company. The bots are capable of answering any question instantaneously. They are as good as if not better than human agents.

Chatbots are technology-intensive and hence a futuristic addition to the company. If you plan to scale up your business, then chatbots fit in perfectly. They are capable of handling an increasing number of queries and chats with a large number of consumers. Chatbots are also good at directing customers to the right products and services.

However, Chatbots are not a good option for marketing or board message delivery to your audience. It is the right way for query handling.

  1. SMS

SMS is a refreshing and reliable marketing channel in the 21st century. Reports suggest that around 30 to 40% of mobile marketing gets done via SMS. From small retailers to the more famous brands, everyone is on the SMS bandwagon. And they have successfully managed to profit because of this.

SMS marketing is a perfect way to strengthen customer relations. It helps increase traffic to the company’s website. And nearly two-thirds of them make purchases or place online orders via smartphones. However, SMS marketing is not suitable for some exclusive business models.

Ecommerce retailers, food and drink sellers, and beauticians can benefit from this channel. Specialty stores, supermarkets, churches, and non-profit organizations are also suitable. They have to send useful and impactful messages to lure in more and more customers.

SMS is the ideal format for marketing festive offers and discount sales. You can also launch campaigns promoting sales deals, timely reminders of new season sales, and others. This channel offers a large number of benefits without costing much. You can send short and concise messages to the customers. They can easily opt-in or opt-out of your SMS listings. They become aware of new brands and develop an affinity towards your company.

You have to play it smart and speak with the customer. Seek their permission and offer exciting and customer-centric messages to avoid becoming spam or junk mail status. Do not annoy the customers by sending an enormous number of advertising messages. Include disclaimers to inform the clients if the SMS is going to cost them or not.

  1. Email Marketing

The world has rapidly changed in the last few decades. Businesses do not even consider conventional marketing options. Email marketing is a form of digital marketing that has started long back. However, market experts are not convinced about its future potential.

Technically, email marketing should work because of internet habits among the audience. A majority of those who get online always check their email. And there are billions of people who have an email account that they check regularly. 

The detractors point out many reasons as to why the email channel does not work. They say the market is saturated and has lost its original sheen. People also filter out unwanted and undesirable mail using the latest tools and filters. Email, in short, has become an annoying marketing channel.

To conclude, medium to large enterprises should rely on Chatbots. This tool is the best way to target the Millenials and provide fun-filled interactions. Small retailers would find SMS an effective channel. Restaurants and non-profit organizations benefit from the low cost. While Email marketing suites any type of business organization – small or big. However, experts recommend the businesses to choose more than one marketing channel and not rely completely on email marketing.

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