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The 7 Best Strategies to Enhance Your Laptop’s Longevity


After the laptop’s invention by Adam Osborne in 1981, it was the biggest turn-down for computer application. The Laptop’s main plus point was that it was working wirelessly and just had to insert charger wire while recharging. Even though it is comfortable taking it anywhere as per the need, most people still prefer computers for their daily work. 

Due to Laptop’s Variation of Components, it might be expensive for an average person to afford. So even though, somehow, someone bought the expensive Laptop for them, it should be maintained in the right way, right? Like you cannot purchase new every time it gets useless or old.

To avoid your laptop from transforming into a waste, one should follow a few methods and practices to enhance its longevity. According to the latest researches I have spotlighted a few points below that can help you:

To avoid your laptop from transforming into a waste, one should follow a few methods and practices to enhance its longevity. #laptop #maintenance https://www.techbooky.com/enhancing-your-laptops-longevity/ Click To Tweet

1) Laptop Lid

Laptop Lid is the thing that keeps your display straight and attached to your keyboard. Do not close the laptop if not required. Closing it with a hard effect or slap it with some energy can close the laptop lid. This issue can kill your comfort zone working from your laptop, as the display will not be as rough and steady like before.

You might face Hanging display first of all. Due to this, you can have a problem with your screen while playing videos or images or permanent damage.

The simple thing you can practice is to open and close the laptop display, do that slowly and smoothly.

2) Hard Drive

The most important thing about a laptop is; its hard drive. The system requires a hard drive because it stores all the images, documents, and other important stuff inside your laptop. It might cause an expensive problem if you got any issue with your hard drive, or it might delete essential things in some cases. So to make a safe move, Backup is mandatory.

This is different than a regular traditional disk, it got a chip and is very solid, not easy to break. Pro thing is it does not include any motor inside to implement. It not sensitive, hard from either side.

3) Exercising Battery Life

The battery of your laptop is the second most factor you should look up to. If you’re working 9 to 5 work from home, especially in the lockdown era. From this year, many industries have already accepted the stay at home and work thing. So it now got necessary for you and your laptop to work for long hours without dying.

The best practice you can do to improve the battery capacity is by using your laptop until it says to connect the charger and charge it to full. Execute this thrice a month.

4) Do Not Use it Over any Fabric Material

If you’re at home using your Laptop over any fabric such as pillow and blanket, then this can even cause an issue. Using over them can make your laptop’s system heat-up and make all the components restrict from getting open air. One can use a lap desk and can take that anywhere you want.

5) Power Connector

While you’re charging your laptop and you lifted it, or your charger got stuck under the massive thing chair or sofa, it can break your charger connector inside the laptop. So beware of this as this can destroy and cause a problem.

6) Compressed Air and Drinks

Sometimes your laptop’s downside area many bags of dust can get acclimated, and this can make it breathe less and stop getting air. Spraying over compressed air can clean and free from the dirt.

And now this is the silliest thing one should avoid doing, putting beverages while working on a laptop. It can get worst at any moment and can cause your time and dollars. Keep away your drink from any electronic product as possible.

7) Ram

RAM is another most important component in your system, and if you have a RAM into your system, then it will get your processing slow, and lagging will start. At least it should be 4 GB or more, but currently, it is recommended to have an 8 GB of RAM for smooth performance.

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