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5 Ways To Ensure Quality In Your Computer Based Products


Computer based products are used so often that they break down faster than other items. Once a customer touches the product, the quality level deteriorates rapidly. When it’s used every day for a year, it will be useless by next year. Before you manufacture any computerized product, review 5 ways to ensure that you create a high level of quality.

Failure Tests

Perform a failure test to see the different factors that will cause your product to fail. Operate the product under different stress factors until it breaks down and stops working completely. These factors include very high or low temperatures, high levels of moisture or humidity, excessive weight, etc. This test is important to reveal hidden vulnerabilities about the product. Use this data to make changes to the product design or to invest in a new one.

Statistical Process Control

Use statistical techniques to analyze and control the processes of your products. Monitor your product as it is being operated to make sure that it remains efficient. Invest in SPC, a quality improvement tool that focuses mainly on collecting and analyzing data.

Product Specifications

Create product specifications that are as detailed as possible. Ensuring product quality means knowing your product from the inside out. Know how it was made, the different materials used and the factors that make it last for as long as possible. Be specific about a product that is unique. For instance, rigid flex circuit boards are only one type of printed circuit board that are made for high-stress environments, so avoid referring to it generically as another printed circuit board.

Audits / Inspections

Do not create products that are allowed to lie around for years without being continuously evaluated. A regular audit or inspection is a review of its quality, which either improves or declines over time.

Invest in a Continuous Improvement Process Plan

Ensuring quality in your computer based products must be an ongoing process. A continuous improvement process plan is designed to continue the work of checking for hidden defects and physical damages. This plan is needed to prevent damages that could worsen and result in expensive product redesigns or repairs.

Computer hardware parts, software and mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are used almost every day. As a manufacturer and business owner, it’s important to remember that these devices are used every day. Make sure that your products remain valuable and efficient for many years.

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