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Ericsson Wants To Invest In Nigeria’s Broadband Market


The benefits of having a high-quality speed internet access cannot be overemphasized. Broadband is needed to foster businesses, and to provide critical infrastructure to facilitate the provision of medical care in the health sector, promote economic development through electronic commerce by creating new jobs and attracting new investors and so many other benefits. Seeing the need for a better Nigeria, a multinational technology and networking services, Ericsson, has expressed its interest in Nigeria’s broadband market.

The squad was led by the Head of Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson Group, Shitlesi Makkhofane and Peter Olusoji during a visit to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC). Mr. Shitlesi noted that some areas of the country are void of internet access and the company is ready to deploy broadband to these underprivileged areas.

As you know, the benefits of having a good internet access are innumerable. Educationally, students need to get acquainted with materials online and be up-to-date with their contemporaries in the western world. In the health industry, broadband can facilitate the provision of medical care to underserved populations through treatments and monitoring. Not only this, life-threatening ailments could be easily diagnosed, thereby saving human lives. Imagine a Nigeria without commercial banks and e-commerce sites like jiji, Konga, Jumia and the rest of them? Broadband fosters economic development by making provision for regional, national and worldwide markets. You will also agree with me that the electronic government has fostered the interaction between the masses and government agencies; many thanks to Twitter and Facebook.

However, as the case may be, there are certain underserves regions in the country that are deprived of the availability, accessibility, and affordability of broadband. In this regard, the Ericsson Group says it will provide data management services to enable network interoperability and detect cloned devises that pose threat to security. This innovation, nevertheless, has laid down procedures that must be followed. For instance, a licensing requirement and an approval procedure from the agency in charge are required before the operation commences.

While the Executive Commissioner, Stakeholder Management, NCC, Mr. Sunday Dare, expressed gratitude and appreciation to the team for their interest in the Nigerian Telecom ecosystem, the economic instability may cause a setback, due to the shortage of foreign exchange.

The meeting ended on a light note as Mr. Dare assured the Ericsson team that the commission will continue to do everything within their power to attract foreign investors for the development of the telecoms Industry in the country and that he will present the matter to the management for consideration.

I cannot imagine a world without quality internet access. It’s like a party without music or a wedding ceremony without the bride.  

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