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EU Digital Chief Meets With Chief Executives To Enact New Policies


The EU digital chief officer announced a virtual conference to develop its policies that regulate data privacy.

The European Union are yet to directly react towards the recent complaints from the Noyb, a group of digital rights activists agitating to curb the absolute power tech companies controls.

Maybe it is the constitution that regulates social tech companies that need to be adjusted. Meanwhile, all the Chief executives representing tech companies are expected to be live at the virtual conference scheduled for December 2 in respect to the invitation issued from the EU. Since the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy of 2018, several unannounced data breaches have occurred in which the service providers claim ignorance.

However, Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton, the EU official obligated to regulate digital activities says he understands the absolute access services providers control, which cannot be challenged but surely can be reduced.

The scheduled meetings hosting the EU commission and technology companies such as Microsoft, Alphabet Inc, Booking.com, Amazon, Expedia, Trivago, DuckDuckGo, Facebook, and twelve others are expected to be live at the virtual conference to discuss and draft new policies in unison. The Internal Market Commissioner might also introduce the Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in which she’s meant to commence duty on December 9.

During the round table discussion, EU regulators and researchers are expected to access the accumulated data stored by service providers. However, tech companies are convinced that the new policy will not change their operating methods with a positive mindset.

The EU Commission proposes to draft its new policies based on the Digital Services Act (DSA) and Digital Markets Act (DMA).

DSA will warrants service providers to explain its algorithm’s functionality, and with utmost transparency, the commission will access the service provider’s ad archive for further data analysis. At the same time, DMA is proactive based on service providers’ interactive scheme, which requires sharing data with a rival but does not approve of power abuse. For instance, some tech companies process unauthorized access to their users’ data, which is the subject of most lawsuits today.

Among the list of tech companies Thierry Breton invited, Facebook and Google have frequently encountered a series of lawsuits because of the constant occurrence of personal data breach.  Meanwhile, Noyb, the famous whistleblower, recently claimed Apple Inc has always been bullish, and that their deeds have also been gravely ignored due to favoritism. Noyb believes it’s not a conspiracy that Apple tracks its users.

The frequent occurrence of social services providers accessing the private data of its users without their consent says a lot about the body or agency regulating such sectors. And to curb this, Thierry Breton expects full participation from all the tech companies subjected to the circumstances aligned with data privacy.

Brenton’s knowledge with the process his organization functions, it takes up to a year, if not more, to enact drafted regulations, a factor that explains why some tech companies don’t think drafting new rules is necessary. The Internal Market Commissioner urges the European Parliament and the European countries to feedback whenever their attention is sought during the formulation of this new policy.

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